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1. OpenFaces JSF 2 component library

Has anyone had tried OpenFaces 3 and can give a short review with respect to the following:

  • Stability
  • Compatibility with other libraries (PrimeFaces, RichFaces, etc.)
  • Ease of use
  • Skinning capabiltites (Theme support, etc.)
I'm ...

2. Openfaces: using hibernateCriterionBuilder with datatable filters

I am currently trying to build a page that will have a datatable that allows for filtering based on criteria set for each column. According to the documentation, the openfaces ...

3. How to have part of page periodically refresh with JSF and openfaces

Application is to display device distance to GPS coordinate on screen of mobile device browser. HTML5 allows to get the coordinates from mobile but these need to be sent to server at ...

4. Openfaces 3.0 running in WebSphere 7

Has anyone around gotten Openfaces 3.0 to run on WebSphere 7.0? I keep on getting the following error:

at javax.faces.application.ResourceWrapper.getRequestPath(
at org.openfaces.application.OpenFacesResource.getRequestPath(
at org.openfaces.util.Resources.getInternalURL(
at org.openfaces.util.Resources.getUtilJsURL(
at org.openfaces.util.UtilPhaseListener.appendHeaderContent(
at org.openfaces.application.OpenFacesApplication.headAddedToView(
Any ideas? Thanks in advance. floshton.

5. How to show a panel or any other GUI object in OpenFaces 3.00 Datatable upon row selection?

I am using OpenFaces 3.0.0 with JSF 2.0, Fadelets, Managed Beans and Tomcat server. I have a openface datatable and now on the basis of row selection, I want to show some ...

6. Jsf Error : java.lang.ClassCastException

i am using jsf 2.0 on glassfish 3.0.1 to build an interface to my search engine , when i used Openfaces components on my jsf page and whenever i submit a ...

7. Double Click in OpenFaces Tree/DataTable

How can I navigate from a JSF page to another after I did double click on a table row. I'm looking for an attribute such as action in o:commandButton. Thank you for ...

8. Style Sheet does not apply on first JSF page

The style sheet does not apply on my first JSF page. I've got a index.jsp which forwards to my first JSF page.

    <jsp:forward page="./start.jsf" ...

9. OpenFaces 3 and IE6 (Button actions)

I am using OpenFaces and have to be compatible with IE6. Up to now everything works more or less without problems. However, I've run into a problem.... I've got a few buttons ...

10. How to invoke a method with Openfaces/JSF without rendering page?

I am trying to invoke a Save method in a bean with Openfaces 3. While Firefox is not rendering the page, Internet Explorer does. I'm currently using this code lines:

<o:commandLink value="Save" action="#{}">

11. JSF2 ajax tag throws unknown javascript error in Internet Explorer

Having this lines of code:

<h:commandLink value="Reset Filter" styleClass="button">
  <f:ajax event="click" render="filterWindowDiv tableX" listener="#{beanX.reset}" />
and as well as with:
<h:commandLink value="Reset Filter" styleClass="button">
  <f:ajax event="click" render="@all" listener="#{beanX.reset}" />
an unknown error will ...

12. JSF NavigationHandler#handleNavigation + clear cache

A button on page xyz.xhtml does invoke this code (using ajax).

FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
NavigationHandler nh = fc.getApplication().getNavigationHandler();
nh.handleNavigation(fc, null, "home");
home points to abc.xhtml. This page contains a table which should be refreshed ...

13. JSF2 resources - compression, minification

I have two questions about resources in JSF2: is there any way to set that all JSF2 resources (JS, CSS) should be compressed (gziped) or at least minified. (Something a la wro4j). And ...

14. Filter for several open Faces datatables

I have 3 openFaces <o:datatable />s in the same view page (overview.xhtml).

  • The first displays a list of all music bands
  • The 2d displays a list of all songs written by ...

15. OpenFaces CompositeFilter problem

I'm using the CompositeFilter component from the OpenFaces library (my project uses JSF 1.2 so the OpenFaces library is 2.0, but I understood both versions of OpenFaces are still maintained 2.0 ...

16. How to export an OpenFaces DataTable in Excel/CSV Format?

Unfortunately, OpenFaces Datatable has not yet an export capability unlike Primefaces or IceFaces. While Exporting is a piece of cake, filtering an IceFaces or primefaces datatable is some horror movie, Yet primeFaces's ...

17. OpenFaces Composite Filter does not render the user search input text field

Good Afternoon, I am trying to use the composite filter but in vain. While we struggled the whole day trying to know that it does not work if the table contains a ...

18. Openfaces tabbed pane dynamic rendering not working

The tabbed pane in a dynamically rendered panelgroup is not showing up properly. Am I doing something wrong? Please help in resolving this issue.

<h:form id="popupform">
 <h:panelGroup id="panelgrp">
   <h:panelGroup rendered="#{actMBean.showActDetail}">

19. JSF 2 viewParam with multiple values

I have a viewParam driven search screen. I am trying to implement it to take multiple values for a single viewParam I believe the correct url would look something like

The xhtml ...

20. How to show a panel or any other GUI object in OpenFaces 3.00 Datatable upon row selection?

Hello, I am using OpenFaces 3.0.0 with JSF 2.0, Fadelets, Managed Beans and Tomcat server. I have an openface datatable and now on the basis of row selection, I want to show some different data (other than the data displayed in the datatable) in a folding panel or any other suitable openfaces layout. I have tag called singleRowSelection in the openfaces ...

21. OpenFaces simple Ajax problem