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After submitting new form, I always get an error message - Conversion Error setting ...

1. Question about arbitrary validation in JSF

I have this a field:

<h:inputText id="email" value="#{}" title="Email" validator="#{user.user.validateEmail}"/>
The validateEmail method checks if the email address's length is greater than 0, if not, it throws an Exception. I thought this would ...

2. h:selectoneradio validation error

Please, help me to tackle with next matter. I have error "requestAccess:selectAccess: Validation Error: Value is not valid" when submit form.

<h:form id="requestAccess">
 <h:selectOneMenu id="orgList" value="#{requestAccessBean.currentOrg}">
<f:selectItem itemLabel="-- select --"   itemValue="null" />
<f:selectItems ...

3. Validation error / unknown cause

4. JSF validation errors

5. Strange validation error

Hi, guys! Can someone help me with this problem: I have a form with few fields and submit button. All work great. No validators are binding to any component. After I added one more component -


7. Why can't I see my validation errors?

Hi, I'm using MyFaces 1.2. On my form, to display the validation errors, I have this ... I also have fields in my form similar to this one ... However, if I do not fill in a value for the above field (for example), and ...