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1. Radio button validation problem

Hi, I am using RAD for my devlopment. I am using h:selectOneRadio button i have to show certain fileds depending upon the option checked. If user choose to submit without selecting anyone i want to do my own custom validation. But i am getting "Validation Error: Value is not valid " error when i submit form without selecting any of the ...

2. validation in radio buttons

They're called "radio buttons" because back before electronic presets, automobile radios had a bank of mechanical buttons used to select preset stations. These buttons were designed so that when you pushed one button in, whatever button was previously pushed in would pop out. In other words, you couldn't push multiple buttons - only one selection was allowed at a time. This ...

3. Jdeveloper 11G Radiobutton Validation Problem

Dear All, i am using declarative component for search functionality.... in my jspx we have 2 radio button and 2 text box... and with respect to the the radio button selection the corresponding text box will be shown .... since i am using declarative component in my jspx...i am not getting the id of the radio button Regards Vinaya Kumar