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1. JSF h:inputText validation and f:ajax render

A very simple JSF applicaton:

  • InputText element is assigned with Validator.
  • f:ajax is used to render next element (phoneNumber) by using blur event.
  • PhoneNumber will only be displayed if inputText pass the validator ...

2. JSF and Ajax validation - How to update message panels for ALL messages?

I want to do validate all input fields with AJAX. For example, there are 3 input fields. Two of them require minimum length of 3 characters and the other is validated by ...

3. JSF Custom Validator: h:message is not being rendered

I have the following FacesValidator:

public class PasswordValidator implements Validator {

    @PersistenceUnit(unitName = "TradeCenterPU")
    private EntityManagerFactory emf;

    public void ...

4. JSF render animation based on validation message

I'm using JSF 2.0 facelets and I have an issue related to validation messages.

I have a form that is being validated by using custom validators and some other validation in the ...

5. Validation/rendering strategy