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1. JSF Customize validation message for h:selectOneMenu (if nothing selected)

I have a h:selectOneMenu thats filled with enum values, which works fine. The only problem is that i don't know how to overwrite the standard JSF error message, when no valid ...

2. Jsf : Validation error value is not valid for SelectOneMenu

I have a selectMenu, with list of (SelectItems) defined in handler as follows

Handler { List(SelectItem) stateList; State state; }
State { String stateCd; }
JSF Code::
<h:selectOneMenu value="#{state.stateCode}">
  <f:selectItems value="#{handler.stateList}">
Now my list is ...

3. Turn off the SelectOneMenu internal validation

I have a SelectOneMenu driven by a List, each of which contains an object value and a string label, along with a converter. All fairly standard. I initially got the

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6. Validating a selectOneMenu

I have a selectOneMenu input with several selectItem tags in it. The first selectItem, the default just displays "Please Select". I want to validate that one of the other values is selected - i.e. not this first one. How can I do that? Code example follows: ...

7. Dynamic values for JSF selectOneMenu using javascrpt. JSF validation error.

Hi, Im using Myfaces 1.2 (tomahawk) . I have a very bulky page having lot of drop down menus. It has a datatable containing four drop downs in a row and the datatable has close to 40 rows (with pagination) . Each of the drop downs have close to 100 items . This makes the page size very huge and not ...

9. SelectOneMenu Validation