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1. JSF Conversion and Validation

I have an .xhtml page that is processed by the faces servlet in Tomcat. GET requests to the page look like this /module.xhtml?mod=6. I need to validate the integer ...

2. JSF Validation Error While Using Custom Converter

I am setting up a form using JSF (I'm pretty new at this) and I am getting a Validation Error: Value is not valid message on one of the fields. ...

3. Creating faces message from outside jsf conversion/validation mechanism?

I'm currently learning about jsf 2.0 from core jsf 2.0 book + glassfish + cdi. I would like to ask a question about handling validations that are not defined in the jsf ...

4. Custom Variables in JSF Converter's Error Message

I have a form page that has an inputText field that accepts a date. We have a converter that converts the string from the textbox into a Date object (ie. ...

5. JSF input filed to Double conversion error

I have a JSF2 application that uses Spring 3.0. I have a bean that has a property of type List<Double> with 5 elements:

public class MyBean {
    private List<Double> ...

6. How validate a custom converter?

I have a custom converter which is this :

public class MeasureConverter implements Converter {

    private EaoMeasure eaoMeasure;


8. Validation before conversion

10. Converter + Validation - scaling mismatch

I am somewhat of a newbie to JSF. If I have a converter that scales by 100ths (entry in seconds, stores in 100ths of seconds) I have to use the x100 value in the ranges for the converter. So, when an invalid entry occurs the default message shows the scaled ranges which is wrong. The ...