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1. What is the best way to validate multiple field using JSF framework

i need validate multiple field in jsf, but i cann't find better way . sorry for my bad english.

2. jsf validate two fields in one time

can I validate two interdependent fields in with one validator?

            <h:inputText value="#{}" >

3. JSF2.0 doesn't support cross-field validation, is there a workaround?

JSF2.0 only allows you to validate the input on one field, like check to see if it's a certain length. It doesn't allow you to have a form that says, "enter ...

4. How to make fields mandatory?

I am working on an user registration form. I want to make certain fields mandatory. What JSF tags can I use to make the fields mandatory?

11. JSF clear fields on validation errors

That isn't how JSF is designed. JSF expects that you will retain the input value and display a message that assists the user in correcting it. If the JSF validators flunk the value (in other words, declare it invalid) the action processor is never invoked - the JSF lifecycle short-circuits back to redisplaying the View with validation errors. The intent is ...