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1. jsf 2.0 return http error code after failed GET parameter validation

I have this local URL: http://localhost:8084/Name/faces/Blah.xhtml?flkatid=AAA and this is a segment from a facelet, that checks the parameter "flkatid" and assigns it to the bean:


2. JSF 2 - View Parameter validation and redirection

We are using JSF 2 + Primefaces + Glassfish + CDI/WELD for development. We have a datalist/dataTable of book listings on our search.xhtml page, each rendered as an outputLink. On clicking ...

3. Validation error on valid facelet when calling action method with parameter

I have a datatable with a button in each row:

<ice:dataTable value="..." var="item">
    rendered="#{hideDownload ne 'true'}" 
    value="Download" action="#{mybean.downloadItem(item)}">   ...

4. Passing parameters/ attributes to a custom validator

The goal: To validate that two email addresses match each other (or passwords, or whatever). What I've been toying with is creating a custom validator that takes a parameter, and compares it to the JSF object.toString() that it was bound to... thus comparing two strings. A coworker suggested that I map the objects using the facesContext to the backing bean for ...