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1. JSF Multiple Partial Validations Scenario

In JSF, is it possible to solve the following validation / updating scenario using the validation framework of JSF (aka validators, immediate, required, etc.)?

+-- Form ----------------------------------------------------+
|      ...

2. Partial update not working after validation failure in JSF

I am using JSF 2.1.3-FCS. Updated the code with a test project. View -

    <h:form id="frm" prependId="false">
        <h:panelGroup id="containerPanel" layout="block">

3. JSF2, Ajax partial update and ui repeat - submit and update dynamically added text boxes

I have a JSF2 application and a page with the following code:

<h:inputText id="someInput" required="true" />

<p:outputPanel id="itemsPanel">
    <ui:repeat var="i" value="#{myBean.itemIndices}" id="items">
        <h:inputText ...

4. JSF partial validation

Looking at many posts about use of immediate attribute it seems that JSF implementation to bypass Process Validations and Update Model Values phases isn't so intuitive and flexible. Why does you need to choose to validate all UIInput components on one form or to validate none at all? the immedaite attribute for UICommand component is really useful only in case you ...

5. Partial submission/ Bypass validation