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1. JSF validation for required fields

Lets say we have a form with some fields required and some not (optional).
Now when we say field is required then validator will only validate length of the input but won't ...

3. which validator with "required"

4. required fields validation problem

Hi group, I have a page where all the fields are required. This page also has two buttons and some command links. All these links and buttons point to different methods in the backed bean. My requirement is that all these fields should be validated on clicking a particular button only. The problem is that if I click of any of ...

5. Custom Validator for required field.

7. required validation problem

Hi! I have two fields in my page. How can I do to make a required only for one of them? I want to send an error when the two fields are empty. When the field one is set by the user it must be correct or when the second field is set is also correct. But it is an error ...