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1. How the validation is done in JSF?

2. Help on jvascript and validation

Please excuse me if i am irritating with silly questions. I am a beginner in the programming world. My problem is that from my home page on a button click an alert box has to come. This i have done with javascript, but when i do this the page validation of the home page is skipped. i want the page to ...

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5. email validation problem

You might find this useful class EmailTest { void emailValidator() { final String sp = "\\!\\#\\$\\%\\&\\'\\*\\+\\-\\/\\=\\?\\^\\_\\`\\{\\|\\}\\~"; final String atext = "[a-zA-Z0-9" + sp + "]"; final String atom = atext + "+"; //one or more atext chars final String dotAtom = "\\." + atom; final String localPart = atom + "(" + dotAtom + ")*"; //one final String letter = "[a-zA-Z]"; ...

6. JSF validation issue

1)We are using JSF 2.0 datatable , at each row of datatable we are performing crud operations.For that we are doing validating for each row .There is a EDIT button for each row ,so when clicked on three row's EDIT button and we get two buttons SAVE and CANCEL .Now when we are saving empty single out of three empty rows ...

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