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1. is there a way class that extends httpservlet and thread

i need answer for the question i have mentioned in the title.

2. Why does HttpServlet throw an IOException?

I get why an HttpServlet would throw ServletException, but why IOException? What was the reasoning behind this?

3. Jython and implementing HttpServlet.contextInitialized

I'd like my Jython servlet to implement the HttpServlet.contextInitialized method but I'm not sure how to express this in the web.xml. What I currently have is:

from javax.servlet import ServletContextListener;
from javax.servlet.http import ...

4. Java: IOException on write in HttpServlet

I've written a proxy of sorts in Java (and Jetty). Anyway, it works great, but sometimes

final OutputStream realOs = res.getOutputStream();
InputStream is = url.openStream();
int i;
while ((i = != -1) {

5. Is HttpServlet class is an abstract class? if yes then how ?please can one explain detail

Respected to every answerers..... Sir , i am perceiving MCA (MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS) pg course... we have gone through our syllabus, but we were not able to findout that , ...

6. Why isn't my Java HttpServlet able to find my cookie's value?

I've created two servlets: UserReceiverServlet receives a username from a form. It then sets the username to an attribute and forwards the request to UserDisplayServlet. UserDisplayServlet will add the username to a ...

7. Should a servlet container create new javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet instance for each incoming reqeust?

I have a class public class GAE_SERVLETREQUESTServlet extends HttpServlet { Not sure what the spec says about recycling of the HTTPServlet: Should the servlet container create new instance of this class ...

8. How should I record `HttpServletRequest`s that are sent to `doPost` in an `HttpServlet` for later playback?

I want to dump some requests (of type javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest) into a file and then later replay them from the file, so that I can test future changes to the HttpServlet. What's ...

9. HttpServlet and JSP integration

I'm wondering is possible to integrate custom servlet logic with .jsp template view. For example I have the following servlet:

public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet {

  protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse ...

10. How HttpServlet can create threads without implementing Runnable or extending thread

As we know, when servlet receivies a request, it creates a new thread and inside the new thread, the service method is invoked. So with only one Servlet instance, many threads ...

11. Why HttpServlet class is declared as abstract?

Why HttpServlet class is declared as abstract even there is no abstract method in that class?

12. Methods a subclass of HttpServlet override

I have read in HttpServlet documentation that A subclass of HttpServlet must override at least one method, usually one of these:

doGet, if the servlet supports HTTP GET requests
doPost, for HTTP POST ...

13. HttpServlet does not implement runnable or extend thread, why is it thread-able?

For an object to be runnable, it needs to implement the Runnable interface or extend the Thread class, however, it does not seem that HttpServlet does any of these. How come HttpServlet ...

14. HttpServlet's getParameter("param") return null when there is a value being passed

I am seeing a strange issue where request.getParameter("pg") is returning me null when in the URL I can see its being passed with other parameters. All the other parameters are being ...

15. Why HttpServlet in java implements serializable?

Possible Duplicate:
Why does HttpServlet implement Serializable?
This question suddenly came up couple of days ago in an internal discussion and we don't seem to find ...

16. extend HttpServlet implement ServletContextListener

Is it a good practice for a class to extend HttpServlet and implement ServletContextListener

public Myclass extends HttpServlet implements ServletcontextListener {
} What are the pros and cons of doing this??

17. httpservlet cannot resolved to a type

I guess you wanted to ask a question and just pasted the error what you got! Isnt it? If I am right, you forgot to include the corresponding jar file (either ...

18. How to access HttpServlet

I messed up big time this morning while trying to add SubVersion to my NetBeans 6.8 and ended up blowing away my web app that I finally got mostly working yesterday ...

19. synchronized() in HttpServlet

20. override HttpServlet init() method

22. HttpServlet and GenericServlet

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25. how to get values from httpservlet to genericservlet

Reply to the questionin detail.well,friend ,let me explain my problem exactly.i am developing a shopping cart kind of project,in the first screen,i am providing a login screen that only registered users can get into once a registered userlogs into the site or shopping ,the username is carried on to the nextpage.(here is where my session starts.)i have captured the username ...

26. init() in HttpServlet

28. ONE of the FAQs reg. HttpServlet

29. Why is HttpServlet an abstract class?

OK, maybe this should be in basic Java or something, but I was wondering about it... You have to override at least one of the doX methods, right? But none of them is abstract, so how can it tell? I thought the definition of an abstract class was a class with at least one abstract method, which had to be overridden ...

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47. doTrace in HttpServlet

The "method" property of the form tag does not just get passed verbatim to the server. Html forms support 'get' and 'post'. If it wasn't 'post' in your form, the browser most likely sent it as a 'get' request. Running LiveHTTPHeaders while posting your form will show you exactly what method is being employed.

48. Why HttpServlet implements Serializable interface

Serializable - The Breakfast Interface Because Serializable is a marker interface, any class that is indeed serializable should include this interface in its class declaration. I can create a class with all, boring Java data types and call it serializable. Then I can subclass it and add an instance variable that is of type DataSource or DatabaseConnection, which isn't declared as ...

50. why we not override method of HttpServlet

An abstract class can provide concrete methods. All the methods in the Servlet class we extend are concrete - it is the class itself that is abstract. If an abstract class does not have any abstract methods, then an extending class has no obligation to override any of the inherited methods. Isn't Java kewl? -Cameron

51. service method in httpservlet

There is no need to override the doget method. No one is forced to do it. The problem is the doget method in the httpservlet class will always set the response code to 405 by calling the method response.sendError(405) even if you call super.doget in your doget method you will get the same message. so you should not call super.doget in ...

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65. why HttpServlet is abstract?

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81. HttpServlet Cannot be resolved to a type

Guys Help me when importing or creating a dynamic web project Java Problems Occurs. when i create a new servlet eclispe dosnt seem to find the package for servlets. HttpServlet cannot be resolved to a type. i dont know what i happened. it used to be working all the while till now. hope you can get me answers . thanks guys! ...

82. seeking help for HttpServlet implements CometProcessor

Hi yesterday I spend the whole day trying to get Comet working with an httpServlet. I tried simply copy pasting this tutorial: (This is my first post, i cant post links) But it is just not working ! I modified server.xml like this (commented out my default port, and added the NIOprotocol to port 8180): Java Code: