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1. Why HttpServletRequest.getRemoteAddr() doesn't work in Java servlet?

I'm developing a web app with java servlet, I hope to get the user ip info by calling request.getRemoteAddr() from inside processRequest(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response). But it returns a wrong IP. Since ...

2. Unable to get the content out of a HttpServletRequest

I'm trying to get the contents of a HttpServletRequest. Here is how I'm doing it:

// Extract the request content
StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
BufferedReader bufferedReader = null;
String content = "";

try {
 InputStream ...

3. HttpServletRequest cannot be resolved can you help?

Hi all I have imported the following import javax.servlet.http.*; I want to get the preferred language Browser

HttpServletRequest request = ServletActionContext.getRequest();
Locale userPreferredLocale = request.getLocale();
I get an error HttpServletRequest cannot be resolved. Can somebody help me ...

4. HttpServletRequest.getRemotePort()

How could a possible vendor implementation of HttpServletRequest.getRemotePort() get the remote port ? Is it parsed from the actual request sent ? I could not see any request headers like "Client-port", ...

5. Ordering of values in HttpServletRequest.getParameterValues()

HttpServletRequest.getParameterValues() returns a String[] containing all values of a given HTTP request parameter. Does anyone know if the order of the values in this array is guaranteed by specification to by ...

6. HttpServletRequest#login() not working in Java

j_security_check just doesn't seem enough for me to perform login process. So, instead of submitting the form to j_security_check i created my own servlet and in that i am programmatically trying ...

7. isUserInRole source code or HttpServletRequest

Where can I find the source code for isUserInRole? All I find are only interfaces or calling to super.isUserInRole

8. Send List through HttpServletRequest

I sent an arrayList through HttpServletRequest

item.add(pOIs); // pOIs are Objects
Firstly, They are sent into the URL and i don't want that. secondly, when i get the values of the parameter , It ...

9. How To Create The HttpServletRequest Object In Desktop Java Application

I have a desktop application made in swing, and I need to create HttpServletRequest Object to pass it to another application through Web-Service, so please suggest me something good to create ...

10. Is it possible to change the httpservletrequest object

Is it possible to change the Servlet request object while forwarding the request from one servlet to another? or a work around for achieving this? ...

11. What's the difference between getRequestURI and getPathInfo methods in HttpServletRequest?

I'm making a simple, very lightweight front-controller. I need to match request paths to different handlers (actions) in order to choose the correct one. On my local machine HttpServletRequest.getPathInfo() and ...

12. Using HttpServletRequest Outside of a Servlet

I'm working this API and there is a factory method that sets the current context (request, user, etc). The context needs a HttpServletRequest parameter, but I'm not for sure how to ...

13. How does HttpServletRequest.getParameter work?

I have a code in which uses getParameter and xmltransform. I am using to search a database of books depending on the title given. For all the criteria I get ...

14. HttpServletRequest getParameter AND getReader

I am developing a HttpServlet that handles a POST request from an application that includes parameters on the query string, and a JSON object in the body. It is not ...

15. How to access HttpServletRequest in Odata service provider

I am using Odata4j for exposing my services and i need to access HttpServletRequest object from my service provider. Is there is a way yo do this. I tried using @Context ...

16. Access HttpServletRequest in OData4j service provider

I realise that this is pretty much a duplicate of How to access HttpServletRequest in Odata service provider, but since it didn't get any anwser I'll try my chances. The concensus ...

17. Why isn't there a getCookie(String) method in the HttpServletRequest?

As a software consultant, I have been using the Servlet API since the dawn of the man, but I always want to know, why there isn't a getCookie(String) method in the ...

18. how to get real httpServletRequest and response as servlet programming

how to get real httpServletRequest and response as servlet programming My project load a jar need use this parameter. but perhaps can't get it in play! how to resove this?

19. javax.servlet.HttpServletRequest.getContentLength() returns int only

In order to deal with a large request body in a HTTP POST or PUT, relying on HttpServletRequest.getContentLength() is not a good idea, since it returns only integer values, or -1 ...

20. HttpServletRequest#getParts() returns an empty list

I have the following HTML form:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="/myservlet">
    <input type="file" name="mptest">
    <br />
    <input type="submit" value="upload">
And I have the following ...

21. How to obtain HTTPServletRequest in AspectJ

I need to add some audit logs to some business methods that are not in the web tier. One of the requirements are to store in this audit logs the user ...

22. Getting "HttpServletRequest" in soapMessageContext - Axis Handler

I am trying to get "HttpServletRequest" in an AxisHandler's "handleMessage" method. My AxisHandler implements "SOAPHandler" as seen below code.. I need to get "HttpServletRequest" in "InBoundDirection", but it returns "null". How can I get ...

23. Retrieving _servletName from HttpServletRequest object

I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve the _servletName value from a HttpServletRequest object. I basically need it to identify from which servlet the request came from. The ...

24. Need guidance on X509Certificate, AxisEngine, MessageContext and HttpServletRequest

MessageContext msgContext = AxisEngine.getCurrentMessageContext(); HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest)msgContext.getProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST); X509Certificate x509certs[] = (X509Certificate[]) req.getAttribute("javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate");

29. HttpServletRequest's getQueryString()

Bob, getQueryString() returns all the html form's data in this format as a loooooong string. name1=value1&name2=value2&name3=value3........nameN=valueN For example firstName=Frank&lastName=Carver&Title=Sheriff&Favorate=Servlet&Favorate=JSP&Favorate=XML Have you noticed this above line? Favaorate field may be a multiple choice pull down field in the html file and the user has selected more than one items. So in 'queryString' we get 1...N Favorate=*** patterns. So, if we want to ...

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31. HttpServletRequest.getHeaders(aString)

33. Passing an Object in HttpServletRequest

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38. How to Instantiate HttpServletRequest Object?

Well, in actuality you could write any class of your own that implemented the interface, but why would you? It certainly sounds like you're trying to reuse a peice of code in a way that the original designer had no intention of it being used. That way lies pain. What I find usually happens in these cases is that you end ...

39. HTTPServletRequest problem

40. (Urgent)Access HttpServletRequest from a class

Watch out that your auxilliary class does not save a reference to the request. Request and response objects must be managed by the container and you should never keep a reference to them. Of course if your class1 and class2 objects are temporary and only used for one request it is not a problem. Bill

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43. HttpServletRequest question

I have a jsp form that submits to a servlet, the servlet processes the request and sets attributes in the request and forwards it back to the same jsp page. The jsp page gives a status message and shows the same form. When I submit the form again, it process my new set of data plus the data I submitted last ...

45. Making Changes In HttpServletRequest

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50. Fields in HttpServletRequest

Those are different modes of authentication if you use HTTP authentication. Through the getUserPricipal, getAuthType and isUserInRole methods you can find out if and how a user has been authenticated. Basic means through the browser username/password dialog. Form means through a username/password web page. Digest sends the authentication info not in cleartext, but digested (i.e., kind of encrypted). (I'm, not actually ...

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58. How do i get timezone info from the HTTPServletRequest

The scenario is something like this :- The server is in say Australia. The user can log onto a server from any location. I need to get the timezone info from user's request(HTTPServletRequest) & display dates based on this timezone. From HTTPServletRequest i can get the locale info but how can i get the Timezone info ? Any help on this ...

60. HttpServletRequest. getRemoteAddr() is different from ipconfig /all

Hi all: I have deployed my web app locally on my own box. I however didn't not resolve to localhost, i used my own computer name instead... but what happen is i did a test. I try to access the local web app, make a few requests... the result of getRemoteAddr() is different from what ipconfig /all give it to me..even ...

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62. About HttpServletRequest Interface

63. Clarrification about HttpServletRequest

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66. HttpServletRequest can have object?

67. HttpServletRequest

Two things here. Firstly, the two statements do different things. The former creates a session attribute, while the latter creates a request attribute. The difference is that session attributes live as long as the session lives, so the second page request of the same user has access to session attributes that were set during the first page request. Request attributes, on ...

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81. The HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() method.

Hello, I don't understand the logic of this method. At what point the object returned by this method had it's value set? By whom and how? If I am meant myself to assing a value to it in say, some login servlet, what good is this method? I feel like I am completely missing something.

82. how to print out the content of the HttpServletRequest

If you're using Tomcat, you don't need to write this yourself. Look for and uncoment "RequestDumperValve" in you tomcat/conf/server.xml file. As Bear mentioned, the output usually goes to logs (which is better than having it go to the console). If you're on a *nix system, you can use tail -f to follow the file as it's updated from your console. ...

83. Can we pass XML file as an HttpServletRequest?

Vipul, I second Paul here. You need to talk to the other party that would send in the request and get the facts right(about the type of the request). Regarding your testing, may be you can try asking them whether they can provide any mock servlet that you can use. This mock servlet when invoked will send the intended request to ...

85. Get internal HTML link from HttpServletRequest object?

I have a link like I need to capture the #n521560 ( the internal HTML link ), but I've been unable to find the component of the HTTPServletRequest that stores this. I've tried getRequestURI() getQueryString() getContextPath() getPathInfo() getRequestURL() getPathTranslated() getServletPath() but no luck so far. I wish this was a query parameter, but it is not. I need to make ...

88. How to get HttpServletRequest object from within Authenticator class?

I solved my problem with ThreadLocal approach. I save the request and the response objects into the ThreadLocal variables from within the filter, then I can have access these 2 objects from anywhere within my application providing that your thread is still running/valid. Google with HttpServletRequest and ThreadLocal as keywords for samples.

89. how to get HttpServletRequest from PortletServletRequest Pls help

Well, you're not allowed to get THE HttpServletRequest, that's part of the point of the portlet spec. The PortletRequest object is supposed to give you everything you need, anyway (dispatching, attributes, parameters, etc). If you access the HttpServletRequest you are implicitly becoming dependent on web server, which is against the spirit of the spec. If you just need it for the ...

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