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1. web-inf and jsp page directives

i have a number of jsp files under web-inf folder. Inside my web.xml i specify an errorppage for 404 amd 403 and java.lang.exception. Do i need to include a page directive ...

2. What does WEB-INF stand for in a Java web application?

Most of the places on the internet say it stands for WEB INFormation. I rather doubt it. The folder contains executables. Information is not a suitable name for it.

3. How to read JSP a file from WEB-INF into a variable for later "printing"

I would like to know how is possible to read a file placed in WEB-INF direct into a variable. My intent is to load (and process a page) into a var, than ...

4. Is it valid to sign a Java war file and include the MANIFEST.MF in /META-INF

I am looking to sign a war file for distribution via Java Web Start. As I understand it, the jar signer tool ignores the contents of the META-INF directory so that ...

5. How do I access file in WEB-INF in JSP?

I am using Tomcat. I would like to put the config file in WEB-INF instead of the default root class path which is WEB-INF/classes. Currently I put the config.xml in WEB-INF ...

6. WEB-INF path for files

I have web application with configuration files in \WEB-INF\etc\config. This folder contains a few property files and one xml. I need to set up path to xml in one property file. ...

7. how to put jsp in WEB-INF

My question is how to put all the jsps in WEB-INF/JSP/ Is there any configuration for that

WEB-INF / JSP        --> all jsp is reside in ...

8. Classes not seeing each other in JSP

In a tomcat JSP application I have this directory layout:


9. Why put JSP in WEB-INF?

I noticed a common pattern is to put JSP pages in WEB-INF folder (as opposed to WAR root). What's the difference? Why is that preferred?

10. "javax.servlet.ServletException: File "/WEB-INF/jsps/foo/includes/mainInclude.jsp" not found" -> Why is the included JSP not findable?

The main.jsp is location in this directory of the web app:

main.jsp contains the following line of code to try to include the code contained in mainInclude.jsp which is found in a ...


Two Questions first: (1) are you using tomcat? (2) why are your jsp files under the WEB-INF folder? As far as I would figure, this isn't the right place for them - I may stand to be corrected. Rather put them in the folder for your web app in the webapps folder and then you should be able to link ...

14. JSP page in WEB-INF

Erik: The J2EE Servlet 2.3 spec says that the WEB-INF node is not a part of the public document tree of an application and no file in this directory can be served directly to the client by the container. The spec does not seem to explicitly specify how to handle cases where a controller servlet or another JSP forwards a JSP ...

15. case-insensitive WEB-INF by the jar ...

Hi friends, I have a strange problem. When I generate a .war file using ant, the WEB-INF directory name is stored as Web-inf (the culprit might be windows) This is not for all the occurance. Only for the files directly under WEB-INF. For the other files like under WEB-INF/classes, the directory name is spelled correctly ...

16. WEB-INF implicit protection?

17. Hiding jsp pages behind WEB-INF

Hi all, I would like to hide all of my jsp pages behind WEB-INF so they can not be accessed by a user if they type the url into the a browser. Is this possible? If it is and I do put them behind WEB-INF do I have to register servlet.xml? Any pointer would be appreciated thanks david


Usually the Application Server looks for the META-INF folder to contain the deployment descriptor, that is J2EE standads. App servers look in the WEB-INF directory for the deployment descriptor. the WAR file contains an WEB-INF folder rather than a META-INF folder. War files contain a WEB-INF folder as well as a META-INF folder. META-INF is not required. WEB-INF is. Its the ...

20. Jsp page in WEB-INF

21. Web-INF

22. Should we put JSP in WEB-INF

23. Referring Script outside WEB-INF

24. Calling JSP with in WEB-INF


26. Accessing images under WEB-INF

Instead of letting the web server (or servlet container) serve the images directly, you can create a servlet that streams the images to the client. So instead of "img src="xyz.jpg" you'd have a URL like "img src="ImageServlet?src=xyz.jpg". Then you can keep the images in the WEB-INF folder (or in any other directory that's not publicly accessible), because the servlet can read ...

27. put jsp pages under WEB-INF

29. Accessing JSP under WEB-INF

Originally posted by Sameer Thapliyal: I want to access jsp page through URL, which is under WEB-INF folder.According to my projects requirement all JSP are under WEB-INF folder like-web/WEB-INF/JSP/login.jsp.I have tried tag in .xml but its not working.Please provide me some solution. "It's not working" doesn't give us much in the way of information. Are you saying you created a ...

32. JSP/HTML files in WEB-INF

No, the container will not automatically find out where they are. The purpose of putting your JSP/HTML or other files in the WEB-INF directory (or a subdirectory of the WEB-INF directory) is to make sure that a client cannot access them directly by typing in an URL in his/her browser. You can access them only from a servlet or JSP outside ...

33. JSPs under the WEB-INF dir is OK

35. Save JSP in WEb-Inf

Thanks to all of you. Yes their is no point in doing what I was doing. If I have to give url-pattern to acces the page, then the page can be accessible directly which makes no sense. I just wanted to do so, I wanted to keep functional files seperately than index & other files. That's all my intentions were. But ...

36. web application without WEB-INF

Does a web application need a JSP? If you have no files, and deploy an application that has no files in it, is it still a web application? If a tree falls in a forest with nobody to hear it, does it make a sound? I think the hard, cold truth is that the Servlet and JSP API says that every ...

41. making use of servlet through WEB-INF

42. Jsp under WEB-INF

Hi all, I have a query regarding putting the Jsp files under WEB-INF folder. It is known that any files under WEB-INF folder is not accessible outside WEB-INF. Then what is the use of putting the jsp files under WEB-INF if I can not use it ? Even if it has to access some image files it has to go through ...

43. Access jsp file under WEB-INF directly

44. How to get JSP packed in WEB-INF/lib/*.jar file ?

Hi... What I wish is actually to have parts of the application stored in jars... so that I can import jar and View components as well .... and then build the whole application with imported jars.... kind of programmaticaly.. ( ) Can I make a JSP , then put it in the jar, and somehow on the server maybe extract it, ...

45. Unable to save file in the WEB-INF dir

46. jsp's in a subdirectory of WEB_INF

51. forwarding to jsp page inside web-inf

53. Is Web-inf is mut for jsp program