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1. Standard action

I really don't understand why the following code in JSP is running fine, but as described in Head first book, it will show compile time error.


<jsp:useBean id="person" type="foo.Person"  scope="request">
<jsp:setProperty name="person" ...

2. How do you display an array of objects using JavaBeans in JSP

public class Controller implements Serializable

private Admin[] users;  
private String[] names;

public String[] getNames() {
    names = new String[] {"Joseph", "Lawson", "Shylet", "Norest"};
    return names;

public Admin[] ...

3. First JSP page--Using 2D Array--Page is not populating

Greetings, I'm attempting to write my first Java Bean + JSP page from scratch. However, I'm using a 2D array which is populated with arbitrary values, and I'm now getting an ...

4. How to create an array of javabeans from multiple selected items on a select list in JSP?

I have a select list and the user can select multiple options from this list. I would like to create an array of javabeans from this list. How do I do ...

5. sending updated array of javaBeans from JSP back to Servlet!

In my sevlets I make a databse call and am storing each row of the resultset in my JavaBean class. ie myBean[0] - 1st row mybean[1] - 2nd row : : so on I am sending the array of beans to JSP. And in JSP I display the data in a table <% //I am getting the array ...

6. java bean's constructor

7. Passing an array back from Javabean to JSP

I have a javabean which creates an array of objects. Eeach array element is just a simple class (object) with three strings filled in after a database query. I want to pass the array back to the JSP page so I can loop though it and display the contents. Although I can execute the javabean's "getter" method to return the array, ...

8. Java Bean Scope Attribute

Hello, everyone, I want to share a bean instance data across pages. I create two jsp pages, one is setUserInfo.jsp, to set the bean property, another is getUserInfo.jsp to get bean peroerty. I set a link in the setUserInfo.jsp, to refer to the getUserInfo.jsp. However, I can not see the propery value in the getUserInfor.jsp page. I thought scope attribute might ...

9. how to pass arraylist from jsp to java bean

Thanks for your reply i am sending my jsp and javabean file <% ArrayList disp = new ArrayList (); disp.add(Integer.toString(dispDay)); System.out.println("dates are"+disp); count += 1; dispDay += 1; %> This is some part ...

10. Looping on javabean array in jsp