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1. jsp:this refers to which object in jsp page 's jave code block <% %>?

i am using this reference in jsp .i am able to call functions like this.getServletConfig(); can anyone pls tell me for which servlet its returning servletconfig object.and which object its refering to? if it ...

2. Why should javax.servlet.GenericServlet implement javax.servlet.ServletConfig?

I was having a look through the servlet-api.jar source code and found out (to my utter bewilderment) that javax.servlet.GenericServlet implements javax.servlet.ServletConfig. Now, I don't boast to be an OOP scholar, but I ...

3. Dynamically add a servlet to the servletConfig

I have a Java web application that uses a plugin architecture. I would like to know if anyone has a solution where by one could add a servlet, with serlvet mapping ...

4. calling normal java class from servlet

Every time im trying to access a normal java class from servlet (from other project) it gives me classNotFound exception, any idea how to fix this problem thanks in advance ...

5. How to portably read configuration data from a servlet

I'm writing a Java servlet that needs to read some site-specific configuration data; I would like it to be easily accessible/modifiable by the sysadmins at deployment time. There is no sensible default, so ...

6. Why is ServletConfig obj passed to init() of GenericServlet when the class implements the interface?

GenericServlet implements ServletConfig interface which means all the interface functions can be invoked from init() function of GenericServlet. Given this context, why does the Servlet container sends ServletConfig object to init() ...

7. servletconfig

If we are passing any init parameters form web.xml file then those parameters retrieved by using getInitParameterNames() method . but i am having a doubt that generally servletconfig is an interface ...

8. Servlets and ServletConfig problem

I tried working with Servlets ServletConfig. As I understood the GenericServlet gets the parameters automatically and using getServletConfig() brings the config. Now I have a servlet that extends from HttpServlet. in it I have the init() method and in this method I call the getServletConfig() but I get a ServletConfig instance with no parameters !!! What am I doing wrong ? ...

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13. public void init(ServletConfig)

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18. init(ServletConfig) not being called

Does the init method always get called in a Servlet or only when there is a doPost method. I have a doGet method and my init method is not getting called. Is there a way to force it to be called every time? import javax.servlet.http.*; import javax.servlet.*; import java.sql.*; import*; public class dbtest extends HttpServlet { Connection connection; public void ...

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22. How does init(ServletConfig) work?

23. GenericServlet & ServletConfig

24. differnece between init(ServletConfig config) and init()?

hmmm.. intresting.. This init() is just for convinience. If you want to do something in initilization. Then by default you must call super.init(). But if you override init() and write your code in it there is no need to call init(servletConfig). The GenericServlet.init(config) always calls the init() in the end so your code will get executed. This is just a matter ...

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26. init() or init(ServletConfig sc)?

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46. Multiple threads of a servlet instance and servletConfig

So when we have a situation like this: " Many requests are coming in for a given sevlet A. So the container would create threads of that servlet(A) for each request. Now each of this thread would have a servlet config." Now, would all the threads be having the same servlet config i.e will the container create only one servlet config ...

51. How to call ServletConfig methods in J2EE