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1. Retrieved a String from ServletRequest by using getParameter("somename"). How can I turn it back into the XML that it is?

I'm parsing a ServletRequest object(well, a HttpServletRequest really) Have 2 parameters there, one of them I know to have a value which is an XML file. How can I retrieve that XML as ...

2. How to bind ServletRequest params to domain objects?

I want to bind parameters of a ServletRequest to arbitrary domain objects. Params are available as a map of type

Map<String, String[]> // String = key, String[] = values
They should be ...

3. What is the difference between ServletRequest's getRemoteHost() and getServerName()

The javadoc is a bit confusing to me, and in my local tests it seems like they both return the same thing. What am I missing here?

4. ThreadLocal to store ServletRequest and Response in servlet: what for?

Once I have came across a pattern, where ServletRequest and response objects are put to servlet's local ThreadLocal variables. The servlet class has also methods to get current request and response ...

5. where the body of all the method of ServletRequest interface is wirtten?

public class first implements Servlet
{  ServletConfig  con;

    public void init(ServletConfig con)throws ServletException
        System.out.println("init mehtod");

6. Setting character encodiing using ServletRequest and ServletResponse

I have seen a web application which deals with file processing (reciving applications from a third party application and storing them in database for further usage). That particular web application is also having ...

8. Losing my ServletRequest object after throwing an Exception?

In the travel web application I'm writing, my front controller servlet calls a POJO that throws a custom exception whose class is a class I have written. The servlet has passed the ServletRequest to the POJO when it instantiated it. I throw the exception when a List I'm populating has had nothing added to it because the user's input specified a ...

9. dolly the ServletRequest ?

11. ServletRequest.

12. ServletRequest getInputStream

14. Doubt about ServletRequest Interface

17. ServletRequest object modified

19. servletRequest.getParameterMap()

getParameterNames Enumeration getParameterNames() Returns an Enumeration of String objects containing the names of the parameters contained in this request. If the request has no parameters, the method returns an empty Enumeration. Returns: an Enumeration of String objects, each String containing the name of a request parameter; or an empty Enumeration if the request has no parameters