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1. parameterised jsp:includes of stripes actions?

I've been trying to solve this, and have been getting stuck, so I thought I'd ask. Imagine two ActionBeans, A and B. A.jsp has this section in it:

<jsp:include page="/B.action">
  <jsp:param name="ponies" value="on"/>
<jsp:include ...

2. How many actions should a servlet perform?

I'm new to web development and am just wondering about best practices for java servlets. Should each servlet perform exactly one action, ie a servlet for login, a servlet for registration ...

3. how to add content of word doc file in jsp file using include action?

I am trying to include the text content of microsoft word file in my jsp file.... I am not able to figure out the solution.

4. JSP page to buffer in action

Is there a possibility to get my displayed page's contents in "as-is" format into my request in my struts (1.2) action?

ServletInputStream is = a_request.getInputStream();;
InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader ( is );
BufferedReader ...

5. Are jsp standard actions used anymore?

This is a quick question for all of you writing jsps in production. Do you use jsp standard actions and why? What are maybe some of common use cases? I ask because ...

6. servlets in Java

What I want is to display a list of products with an "add to cart" button for each product. How will I associate that button with reference to the product? i.e ...

7. How to perform two actions on only one single click button in JSP?

I have created a JSP page with one browse button to upload a file and a submit button. I want to give auto-reply when user click on the submit button and ...

8. How to write an action class for an MVC web application in JSP?

I have followed this tutorial for developing a JEE application in MVC pattern.But i was aasked to write action classes for complete MVC .The tutorial does not contain an action class. Please ...

9. New custom action in Alfresco

I want to do a custom action associated to rule. I have used a guide but I don't get I need. I'm really newby using Alfresco... My problem: I have created ...

10. Should i really care about the thread safe issue in servlet Action class

A servlet class handles the incoming request object, fetch data & store into StringBuilder/StringBuffer and passes the data to another class to write into a file.

    public void ...

11. multiple actions for buttons

hello, i am writing a jsp application which is in two frames, am using the upper frame as a menu with buttons on the left and right hand side... the buttons on the left are the modules that i have ,i.e Master, WBS and Misc and the buttons on the right are standard add,delete, append.. functions what i want is when ...

13. JSP : PARAMS action

Mark is correct on that. I missed the as the smiley faces got in the way (you do know you can turn those off when posting code, no?). And that will work fine to include a JSP in another. To pass along a request parameter to a completely separate request however, you are going to have to bite the bullet ...

14. Problem in sequence of actions in JSP

Hi all, This is a part of JSP i am developing: Based on user input the array arguments for the java class below differs. <% //....other jsp stmt... SOEfile so = new SOEfile(); //SOEfile is a java class called from this JSP so.writeTo(soearr,i,header,lenofFss,helpfile,isTest); //writeTo() is a function that creates and writes the temp.html based on the argument values //need to wait ...

15. return after jsp:forward action

16. JSP action help(Basic question)

17. JSP standard Action element

19. help for custom actions

20. two actions from one page

Hi; In my jsp page there is one page with form on submission of the page one action is working for inserting the data.(say / now facing the problem is that i've to invoke one more action when changing the option in the

21. Regarding JSP & Action Class handling

22. Action to be done in init - JSP

23. Diffterent action from different button

24. Basic JSP action

25. how to generate dynamic hidden vars to send data from jsp to action class

hi, this is praveen, now i've one problem before me. i'm displaying some data in a table using beans(struts)now i want to send this to Action class(struts) for this i need to create dynamic variables. but i'm unable to create dynamic hidden vars to take the data in Action class. pls help me. my code follows: in Jsp <% int cnt ...

26. Invalid Standard Action - Error

27. jsp standard action question

28. can JSP cordinate with Action class?

29. Differentiate Directives and Actions.

32. classCast Exception in Action class

35. One Action for more than one Hyperlink

37. directives vs actions

Hey, directives are said to be static things. That is, those get included at the compile time with thie actual JSP page. And they work as if they are just Pasted in the actual JSP page. And JSP Actions are done/ happen at runtime. Here my doubt is that, if I declare a varible in page directive and use it at ...

38. JSP include action

39. Calling Action class in pop up window

40. jsp:include action

41. jsp:include action

42. Problem with action includes

44. Action getting called when browser back button is pressed

Hi All, We are facing some problem with struts application that uses tiles as well.The problem is with 3 main jsp pages in the application which are starting points for different modules.The problem is when we go forward from one of this page and come back using browser back button instead of displaying the page from the cache or history the ...

45. Problem in jsp while using standard action

Hi, i am using JSTL 1.1 standard taglib. i am using eclipse IDE. I read the faq part i downloaded the two jar files standard.jar and jstl.jar from the Then i put those files in the WEB-INF folder. Right now i am facing the following problem. in the controller servlet i added some attribue (request scope) named music_array and ...

48. Strange Behaviour of jsp:param action

49. JSP include action

50. problem with actions in servlet

51. is it good to carry the jdbc "Connection" over servlet and Actions ?

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault: No, it is a very bad idea. By doing so you run the risk of having separate threads compete for the same connection. You should be using container-managed connection pooling and obtain a connection from the pool for each request, releasing the connection when the request is done with it.

52. servlet action

53. TimerTask and Actions (Servlets)

54. Actions in Servlets

I am pretty new in servlets and Java Development in general and I need to implement a simple login page where a user enters his username and login, he is connected to a Progress Database and transferred to a page that says that his login was successfull. I am trying to implement this through actions and action factory (this is taken ...

56. how to call servlet class from an action class?

Actully problem is that i want to use getKookies() (C replaced with K) in the doView() method of an action class. And since doView() method can take only two arguments RenderRequest and RenderResponse and with their objects we cant use the getKookies()(C replaced with K) method. getKookies() (C replaced with K)gives the error if we call it with the object of ...

59. Small doubt in standard action

60. Capturing JSP Content Within My Strut Action Servlet

I have been tasked by my management to allow a user to click on a "Text File" icon and allow the user to view the current jsp as a text file (Needs both Session and Request Object information so URL Object is out since it can not pass these two things). Sounds pretty easy right... well I am running into a ...

63. Servlet action is not available

Hi, Below is my logfile lines... help me ... very urgent Mar 16, 2009 10:07:43 AM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log INFO: ContextListener: contextInitialized() Mar 16, 2009 10:07:43 AM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log INFO: SessionListener: contextInitialized() Mar 16, 2009 10:07:46 AM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log INFO: ContextListener: contextInitialized() Mar 16, 2009 10:07:46 AM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log INFO: SessionListener: contextInitialized() -- with regards M. Bharathi

64. what are the standard 6 actions in jsp

67. servlet action

Sebastian, Ok, where does the full path go? In the web.xml, the form? I've tried both, with leading slashes and omitting the leading slashes. Here's the page with the action on it...

Select beer characteristics: Color:

68. give another jsp to action

this is my jsp <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> Insert title here

71. Servlets for actions

72. Servlet actions

74. jsp action

77. servlet action is not available

hi i am new to struts for my first application i got an error "servlet action not available" how resolve this.i sending xml, jsp and java files please suggest me to solve this ++++++++++++++++++struts-config.xml+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++Index.jsp ...

78. problem of action element in jsp frameset

dear all i am using frme set in jsp and my code is PROMIS in my admin.jsp i have used a action element and in the web.xml i have written CreateNewUser mail.CreateNewUser 1 ...

83. Need to call two Servlets with one action

84. action servlet

85. Call Servlet from action class

I am developing webapplication using Struts2, my problem is I would like to call Serlvet from Action class, Actually i have to display PDF file on jasp page.. data is not fixed every time. some time PDF or some time Plain Text, so someone suggest me that the Servlet is better way to render PDF or plain text.

86. Servlet action not found.

89. HttpUnit+Action Servlet Error.

* This is the "Controller" class in the Struts MVC architecture. * * @author Kevin Bedell */ public final class HelloAction extends Action { public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception { MessageResources messages = getResources(request); // try { long start=0; long current = System.currentTimeMillis(); long diff = (current-start); int ridx=0; int count=0; for(;;) { Random ...

90. Servlet action is not available

hi all i m now developing an application using struts, when i am typing "http://localhost:8080/efinance/efs_Changepassword.jsp" the jsp page views but when i try to enter field value the error "Servlet action is not available" comes? what is the solution plz tell me Myconfig file is like this

95. JSP commandlink action

Hello i am new in JSP and i need some help pls. I am trying to create a shopping cart . I load my products from a database into a vector from a bean class. i create a file called menu.jsp wich i include from index.jps. The menu.jsp creates a table with product names , every product is a command link. ...

96. Servlet Action not available

Hi All, I am having a pretty strange problem.I was running an application on Sun one Server.I did some changes and it started giving me 'Servlet Action not available'. I did lookout for the struts .jar and placed in the appropriate location. Nothing worked. Now i reinstalled the app server and the deployed my app's war file. Same error came.So i ...

97. error:-Servlet action not available

98. who takes care of forwarding action errors to view(JSP)

Hai george. I m having 1doubt. I live in 1 beds sit in Sheperds Bush. Only job I get is a "private marketeer." Maybe u know this job as professional "carder" for phone booths in central London. How I can right Java program to keep track of all phone booths that I have already "marketed" to?

100. manually call action servlet from JSP