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1. jsp array list problem

hi i am trying to create an array that doesnt add items if the value/size is more than 20. this solution adds only 1 item and then stops even if the value ...

2. file read and return a byte array

dear all, i want to read a mp3 file using java and want to download it in jsp,i ...

3. java: how do I create an array of tuples

how can I create an array of tuples in jsp (java) like (a:1, b:2) (c:3, d:4) ... ...

4. ObjectInputStream read Array

I am trying to read in an array from ObjectInputStream in Java. I can find no documentation on how to do this. I assume that it is readObject(), but ...

5. Passing an array from one servlet to another servlet

How do I pass an array from one servlet to another servlet?

6. How to Pass Array from One Servlet to Another Servlet?

I want to pass multiple values from one servlet to another one servlet. Please tell me how to pass that?

7. how can i pass more than one array list from single servlet to two more jsp or servlets?

i want to pass one arraylist for one jsp and another one arraylist for another one servlet from same servlet . i have already sent that first arraylist to servlet to ...

8. Return an array list from java servlet to C#

After much struggling, i have come to a design dead end :( seeing as i am a student, and all my bosses have buggered of for christams i have no one ...

9. Passing array values using Ajax & JSP

This is my chart application...

    <script type="text/javascript" >
            function listbox_moveacross(sourceID, destID)

10. Java Array Question

I made an array, but I confused as how to dispaly the array contents depanding on a random generator. E.g. If there are four statements in my array, and when I run ...

11. How can i send an array of string from servlet to jsp and recieve it in jsp

My Servlet Code is

package DBCon;

import java.util.ArrayList;

import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
import java.sql.*;
 * @author Nayan
public class loadCourseId extends HttpServlet {

    * Processes ...

12. How can i load an array of string to a combox whose value is sent from servlet

Possible Duplicate:
How can i send an array of string from servlet to jsp and recieve it in jsp
My Servlet code package DBCon; import; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import ...

13. Returning a null array string in java

I am having a java class where I am executing a query and assigning the query result to an string array, finally return the array. Everything works fine. But I want ...

14. Passing list/array between JSP pages

I'm trying to pass a List between two JSP pages that I have. This is a list of objects that is of a class that I wrote. How do I pass ...

15. how to do next link and previous link in java Servlet for array?

how to do next link and previous link in java Servlet? i want to add next link and previous link in java Servlet i have an array that ...

16. How to get the array list values in jsp?

Sir as i am doing web-based application using Servlet-Jsp,me connected the database and added database values as a arraylist n forward that values to Jsp problem is how do i ...

17. Declaring String array in JSP

18. array problem with a selected index

Hi, I was going to use the following code which works well to get a selected index- of months: <% String passedBirthDateMonth = (String) request.getParameter("birthDateMonth"); if (passedBirthDateMonth==null) passedBirthDateMonth="0"; String birthMonths[] = { "January" , "February" , "March" , "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"}; int bM = Integer.parseInt( passedBirthDateMonth )-1; %> ------and-----

19. Parsing a string array

If I do it, I might use Hashtable. Using username as the key, put User object ( which contains first name, last name, phone number ) and the key into the Hashtable. And store the Hashtable into request for later usage. Just for your reference. Regards, Originally posted by Joshua Batchelor: I am trying to write a contacts page similar to ...

20. Need to dynamically populate an array

What I want to do is to dynamically populate an array in jsp by calling a unix script that returns the array elements. I don't need to know how to write the script or the array. I just need to know how to execute the script from jsp and to populate the array. This is really a repeat of the same ...

21. Array troubles...

Hi, I'm creating a JSP which contains a variable number of rows in a table on the resulting webpage. Each of these rows is being created from an array from a class containing various client information. Some of this info is put into text boxes on the form which will allow the user to update the values. This is where I'm ...

22. I need to write a char array to file

I have a function called decode(sPDFImage); Here is part of the function: <%! public static char[] decode(String text) { return decode(text.toCharArray()); } %> The sPDFImage is the actual pdf base64 which needs to be converted to binary. Basically, I have the pdf displaying properly in the browser but now I need to write the PDF to a file. I have the ...

23. Iterate Array List

I am currently passing an array list of beans created with the following code to a jsp: while( { Item_Desc item_desc = new Item_Desc(); item_desc.setItem_id(rs.getString(1)); item_desc.setItem(rs.getString(2)); item_desc.setsubCat(rs.getString(3)); item_desc.setManufacturer(rs.getString(4)); item_desc.setDescription(rs.getString(5)); list.add(item_desc); } return list; Iterating it using: gives me a table with columns for each property of the bean "item_desc", however many of the items in the ...

24. Using a Collection or Array

25. declare application array in jsp

27. Is this an array?

28. problem while retrieving 2d array

29. Capture array values in JSP

30. Passing array from jsp to servlet

31. Array out of Bounds in Ldap

33. show multidimension array data

34. ForEach: how to get array data ?

If you are using JSP 2.0, you need to be using JSTL 1.1. Otherwise, the JSTL and the JSP engine will have fights over who's job it is to evaluate the EL. Replace your JSTL 1.0 jars with JSTL 1.1, update your JSTL URIs and you'll be able to use the JSTL functions, including fn:length().

35. Having some multidimensional array problem in JSP

hi, i'm looking for someone to help me... i really not familiar with jsp... i have under training in a company which they have no one expert in JSP... so i really need some help for all of you... can someone help me... my problem occur at the bottom parts of the program... i have written some comments beside the problem ...

36. call something (set array and get its length ) from include file in jsp

Hello im kinda newbee to jsp , and Im trying to figure out how to accomplish this : I have simple page that include second page the main page looks like this : set.jsp : <%@ include file="get.jsp" %> <% Object[] params = new Object[3];%> <% params[0] = "fo1" ;%> <% params[1] = "gla" ;%> <% params[2] = "gg" ;%> <% ...

37. passing an array

38. Retrieve Value from Array to be Displayed

This is my java codes. But i want to retrieve it from the array to be listed out in the jsp page. Could anyone guide me or give me a rough idea how to go about? Thanks [B][/B] public void RetrieveData(){ int index =0; db = Db4o.openFile(filename); Query query = db.query(); query.constrain(Country.class); ObjectSet result = query.execute(); Object[] array = new Object[result.size()]; ...

39. array list into jsp page

40. Array Index Out Of Bounds

Good day! My task is to upload multiple files. I have the following codes which results to Array Index Out Of Bounds exception. Please give me an advice on how to resolve this. Thanks index.jsp <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> Amkor Strip Map System

41. How to split a Array value

42. Populating a Select List with an Array

43. Create Dynamic Textbox array

44. String array generation with distinct values

I have to create distinct value for "id" attribute of span to make the following code working. Requirement is, when I click on "docTitle" it will call showHide function and will show docDescription in the same TD adding a span. If I again click on docTitle, docDescription will hide. The below code comes under a loop which retreives the data from ...

45. how to pass an array to servlet

47. array in jsp

Please have a look in follwoing code, I am surpriced that array is not giving same answer for same loop. // This part is getting parameter from other page and parsing into array ss. StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(hidiValue,","); int ntoken; int x=0; int y=0; while(st.hasMoreTokens()){ ntoken = st.countTokens(); if(x>2) x=0; if(y>2) y=0; ss[x][y] = st.nextToken(); %> <%= ss[x][y]+"."+x+"."+y+"|" %> <% ...

48. using and passing a multidimensional array to jsp

I think the problem is comng from the while loop, when I'm looping through the resultset. What I am trying to do is capture all of the data in a 2 dimension array. One dimension the rows the other dimension the columns. When I comment out the line of code where the array is getting assinged, it works. But I have ...

49. Getting array data from one servlet to another

You don't say if the array data is unique to a particular user or if it changes. If the data can be calculated once and does not change per user, then you can use the servlet context. If it changes per user you should use session - thats what session if designed for. Bill

51. Sending an Array to a Servlet

If I were passing the INTEGER ARRAY alone that might have worked fine. I am passing 4 parameters. One of them is an INTEGER ARRAY. Here is the code that I have: private String getValuePairString(String name, String value, boolean addAmpersand) { StringBuffer valuePair = new StringBuffer(); if(addAmpersand) valuePair.append(name).append("=").append(value).append("&"); else valuePair.append(name).append("=").append(value); return valuePair.toString(); } private String getValuePairStringForArray(String name, Array reportNums[], boolean addAmpersand) ...

53. Display PDF in IE from byte array using Servlet

File file = new File("Filepath here"); response.setHeader("content-disposition", "inline" ); response.setContentType("application/pdf"); response.setContentLength((int)file.length()); ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); FileInputStream stream = new FileInputStream(file); BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(stream); BufferedOutputStream bos = new BufferedOutputStream(out); byte[] buff = new byte[2048]; int bytesRead; while(-1 != (bytesRead =, 0, buff.length))) { bos.write(buff, 0, bytesRead); } bis.close(); stream.close(); bos.close(); out.close();

54. Displaying image in byte array in JSP

55. returning an array from servlet responce

Of course, returning an array as a serialised Java object is only good for Java clients... if there's any possibility that a client might be something else (some other thin desktop client, or even a PHP or Perl script), you would have to find some language-neutral way to return an array (which could be either a new binary format, or some ...

56. Passing array from servlet to java

58. display array from servlet

59. Unable to get the chackbox array values in Servlet file

Hi friends, I am developing an Web Application using JSP/Servlet. I just implemented a new module called, User Registration. The Admin can able to view all the pending user requests. For that, i use userpending.jsp page, in which all the pending users were been displayed. The admin provided with two options one to approve the user, or deny the request. When ...

62. Passing an Array from JSP to Servlet

63. Array lists syntax in jsp

65. Ho to display image getting from byte array in JSP ?

Handling binary data should be left to the servlet; JSPs are meant for textual output (like HTML). The two ways I see are a) store the byte[] as a file with a known name, and then use that filename in the the img tag of a JSP page, or b) keep the data in memory (maybe as a session or application ...

66. double [][] array to arraylist

68. Array of Objects

HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Ok I just want to iterate with JSTL an Array Of Objects nothing else i have tested the other stuff and works fine What is wrong,is when i declare the iteration with for each is this what code is needed when you want to iterate an array of Objects??? ${quo.quote} This is the Bean public ...

70. Help in iterating array from jsp

Hi guys I dont know where to post this question and I'm new in this forum. I have a problem iterating an array in jsp below is my code. I'm trying to iterate and write the value of a on my javascript and it doesnt work. Been doing this for almost 2 days and I'm kinda new to this stuff. I ...

71. retreiving String array from servlet

72. Array from one JSP to other (HOW)?

73. Array Iteration in JSP

76. How to pass array from servlet to jsp

77. How to pass string array from servlet to jsp on page load

But can you please tell me where should I put my servlet url in jsp( which tag ) so that it will be invoked when jsp loads. I put HTML code in servlet so that it will be initialized and then call the jsp. And I also tried printing the values of string arrays in servlet at web-browser using PrintWriter ( ...

78. html/jsp getting a number from string array

Hi currently learning JSP after 2 years of java. Im stuck in a little bit of a hole at the moment. The user enters a log into a textArea field in the HTML page, and then press a button when then runs the JSP page. In the JSP page it gets the Log and turns it into a string array. [20:39:47] ...

79. How do I use an Array in a JSP list

package; import java.sql.*; import*; /** * @author sde * * TODO To change the template for this generated type comment go to * Window - Preferences - Java - Code Style - Code Templates */ public class DrawingConnectionBaseClass { public String nameofdrawingb; public String errorStringb; public String literalerrorStringb; public Array dwgNoArray;

81. How to send and receive byte array using jsp

hi I am in need of sending byte array using jsp also I have to receive the same byte array at the other end. Can I use ServletOutputStream and ServletInputStream for the above mentioned problem,If yes ? then please send me the code for using the streams. Please help me to solve this problem. Note: Without using session. Thanks in advance ...

83. Passing 2D Array from Servlet to JSP