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1. Servlet constructor and init() method

Why do we need an init() method in servlet? Can't we use the constructor to initialization?

2. Parameterized constructor in servlet

Can I declare parameterized constructor inside servlet which is only constructor ? If no then why ?

3. Constructor in Servlet?

Can we write an argument constructor in a servlet? if yes, how can you call?

4. Why there are no constructor in servlet?

Hi I am studying servlets I read that servlets are java programs but there are no constructor in servlet... Can anybody elaborate on it?

5. why we can't initialize a servlet using constructor itself?

Why do we have to override init() method in Servlets while we can do the initialization in the constructor and have web container call the constructor passing ServletConfig reference to servlet ...

6. JSP Servlet. How I should to write class or constructor for many servlet?

I'm new for JSP. I want to keep some data from database, but I don't know how I should write class or constructor for keep this. If I create new class ...

7. How can I unload a servlet in its init() method? Can I unload it in the servlet constructor?

How can I unload a servlet from its container using the servlet's constructor or init() method? If I unload it using the servlet constructor, will the init() method still be called?
Should ...

8. Can we replace the purpose of init method to the servlet constructor?

Can we replace the pupose of init method to the servlet constructor? My question is why does servlet need a separate method int(ServletConfig config) for the pupose of initialization we could have ...

9. Packages.MyClass is not a constructor

10. servlet constructor

11. Servlet's constructor

12. Why no constructors for servlets?

13. Constructor in servlets

14. Servlet Constructors

So I ran a search in this forum, (yeah, I know, I'll run the search first next time) and didn't find anything since Oct 2000. My thoughts is that in theory, something like this should be safe: import stuff; public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet { public MyServlet() { super();//IMPORTANT CALL! somestuff(); //etc } ... } as long as you call the ...

15. Constructor of a Servlet ?

16. constructor in servlet

17. usage of servlet init() method and servlet constructor

Well, what about it? I think you have not quite got the picture - here is the lifecycle of a servlet object; 1. servlet container is started 2. a request for servelet A comes in - but the container knows it does not have an instance of A 3. the servlet container creates an instance of A based on the web.xml ...

18. servlet constructor & init method

Hi I have read a lot on this topic in the forums but never got a conclusive answer. Say I have some initialization functionality. Say i decide to initialize the same in the servlet's no args constructor instead of the regular init method. Both are called only once during the life time of the servlet. So whats the advantage of having ...

19. Servlet and Constructor

20. Servlet and Constructor

therefore remember that the only constructor that may make any sense to create is a no-argument constructor as that's the only one that the servlet engine will expect there to be and thus call. But of course the correct place for servlet initialisation code is inside the servlet's init method, not the constructor! And please don't think to do such things ...

22. Servlet Constructor

23. Constructor in Servlet

24. Destroy Method in servlet constructor

25. Servlet Constructor

26. can we declare private constructor in servlet

You can, but there would be little point since it would not be called by the container when loading the Servlet, and in doing so you may prevent the no-arg constructor from being called and stop the Servlet from being initialised at all. The short answer is: not in any meaningful sense, no.

27. servlet constructor?

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault: That is not correct. A servlet can have a constructor just like any other class. Constructors in servlets are pretty useless so you don't see them very often, the servlet life-cycle init() method being the proper place to perform setup code. But adding a constructor does not make the servlet "not a servlet".

28. GenericServlet with constructor

Sachin Dimble, JavaRanch is a community of people from all over the world, many of who are not native English speakers. While using abbreviations like "u" instead of spelling out "you" is convenient when text messaging your friends on a cell phone or in a chat room, it presents an extra challenge to those that are already struggling with English. Additionally, ...

29. Servlet Constructor

30. Constructor,init() in a servlet

31. Constructor in Servlet

32. Can i write a constructor in my servlet

34. servlet creation-init() or constructor

35. constructor for a servlet

36. Servlet Constructor

The init method is all about the initialization parameters. A Servlet is interesting not because of the fact that it is a servlet, but because of the fact that it can be initalized with a unique set of parameters, as defined in the web.xml file. You can't access the initialized, InitParameters in the constructor, but you can in the init method. ...

37. Why cann't we initialize servlets in constructor?

Hi, Who says you can't initialize anything in Servlet'Constructor, only thing is that you won't be able to take advantage of some of beautiful features of the Servlet API, such as access to ServletConfig object. In that case you'd want to access the parameters from database/flat-file and not from web.xml initialization parameter. Another reason for using init() method is the Servlet-Lifecycle, ...

38. can i called the constructor in servlet file?If Yes how can?If no why?

A servlet is a Class, so yes you can call the constructor. The servlet is designed to run inside a container, however, and the container only knows how to interact with the servlet in certain ways, and it also expects the servlet to behave in particular ways in response to those interactions. Servlets are not supposed to use constructors, so while ...

39. can servlets have constructor

40. regarding constructor in servlet

47. Servlet constructor

Servlet 2.4 final release specification wrote: SRV.2.3.1 Loading and Instantiation The servlet container is responsible for loading and instantiating servlets. The loading and instantiation can occur when the container is started, or delayed until the container determines the servlet is needed to service a request. When the servlet engine is started, needed servlet classes must be located by the servlet container. ...

50. Compiler servlet constructor

Hi to all, I would understand exactly the steps for creating a servlet, because I have any doubts. 1-I write 2-I compile and compiler makes servlet.class 3-I start container and it search for file.class 4-container loads servlet.class 5-compiler supplied default constructor-?- runs making and object, not a servlet 6-container calls init() on the object already made by compiler, makes the ...

51. default constructor in HttpServlet

52. Servlet init() vs constructor

Hey pard, you're here to get help, right? Well, a descriptive subject will do a lot more to attract the attention of the awesome volunteers here at the Ranch who can help you out! A simple title like "servelts" which isn't even spelled correctly doesn't really make your post stand out and say "Read me!" And as you've create another post ...

53. constructors in servlets