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1. Java Front Controller

I'm thinking of implementing Front Controller in my J2EE application. Could you please suggest the same with few links (with source code examples) & any standards to follow? Best regards

2. How do I implement a front controller in Java?

I'm writing a very simple web framework using Java servlets for learning purposes. I've done this before in PHP, and it worked by consulting the request URI, then instantiating the appropriate ...

3. Error Controller with java servlets

How to make a ErrorController, like the ErrorController in the Zend Framework for PHP, with servlets in java? Now I have this


4. Java JSP/Servlet: controller servlet throwing the famous stack overflow

I've read several docs and I don't get it: I know I'm doing something wrong but I don't understand what. I've got a website that is entirely dynamically generated: there's ...

5. Safari calls my controller twice when loading the JSP

Doesn't happen in Firefox. I deactivated the extensions. didnt help. Version is 5.0.1. Any ideas?

6. CRUD Application in one controller (servlet)

Good day! I am planning to do a simple CRUD application. I am planning to make my add, edit, delete and view handled by one controller. Something like this:


7. Forward page using Servlet Controller

servlet is like :

String rootJspPath = "/WEB-INF/jsp"
String page = request.getParameter("pageName")!=null?request.getParameter("pageName").toString();

String forwardPage = rootJspPath + "/" + page ;
request.getRequestDispatcher(forwardPage).forward(request, response); 
in Web.xml

8. call method in controller when submit button clicked?

I'm quite sure this is possible but I can't find any info on it. Can anyone point me to the right direction please?

9. use jsp as both view and controller

I have the following class A JAVA FILE(data)

 package p1;

 class data
private String pro;
private String sta;

   public void set1(String a)

10. In MVC, JSP controller or Servlet controller, which one is better?

Hi all, It is pros and cons to use JSP controller or Servlet controller. If we use JSP controller, after receiving the client request,the compiled JSP servlet requests information from server components,which perform any necessary computation and encapsulate the business logic. Then, the compiled JSP servlet inserts the results of the computation into the Web page, which is then rendered and ...

11. Writting controller.jsp

I have one jsp page "ReportParent.jsp", which contains number of data fields,one submit button and following 3 radio buttons. - Detail Report - Summary Report - Average Report User will select any one radio button and will press the submit button. I have to write one controller jsp page which will take the all input data from the "ReportParent.jsp" and depends ...

12. help on controller jsp

I have some problems with passing control between jsp pages. Was trying out a controller page.What i have come up with. testcontroller.jsp page will haf a hyperlink n a session attribute passed to test1.jsp. When the user clicks on the hyperlink, it is supposed to go to test1.jsp. on test1.jsp, i have included the page scontroller.jsp. in scontroller.jsp, it is supposed ...

13. MVC - Controller

16. can JSP be used as controller in MVC

>Can a JSP be used as controllor in MVC architecture Yes it can be. With a JSP you can do anything a servlet can do. However what would be the point? A controllers purpose in life is to look at the request, and then dispatch it to the appropriate handler. A JSPs purpose in life is to produce an html page ...

18. as a controller

19. Jsp as a controller ?

20. servlet controller

21. How to send object from jsp to controller

Hi, I am using hidden fields to send my data from JSP back to Controller. I am using springs framework. I am sending a map from controller to jsp, like return new ModelAndView (viewName,"model",aggregateModel). Now i want to send this Map from jsp back to controller. Using hidden fields, i am able to set only one attribute to one field. Is ...

22. link html to controller

23. Advantages of Main Servlet Controller

24. Controller servlet better practice

Hello all, I am building a webapp with MVC pattern. In my controller servlet, I need to register eventHandler classes for later use. Following are two options that I can think of: 1. Declare "private HashMap eventHandler" class level variable and in the init(...) method initialize the eventHandler variable with every event handler classes using reflection eventHandler.put(key, ((EventHandler) Class.forName(value).newInstance())). And get ...

25. Why Servlets use as a Controller.?

26. How to make MVC controller servlet the "default page"

I have an application that is heavily based on David Geary's MVC example in "Advanced JavaServer Pages". In my entry page I need a JavaBean populated with some data, and so I used some code that looks like this: <% request.getRequestDispatcher("/").forward(request,response); %> And this works as it should; the script inside the tag runs only ...

27. Servlet vs JSP as controller

29. why controller is servlet

The controller is usually a servlet, because it does not generate any HTML. A controller (or dispatcher) just works out what needs doing, then forwards to something else to generate the output. The whole reason for JSP is to make HTML generation easier than using the likes of raw "print" statements. If you are not generating HTML, there's no point using ...

30. Controller Servlet

31. Front Controller Servlet

32. Controller servlet

33. Servlet-controller

35. How to call a servlet from a controller

36. Front controller servlet question

37. HttpServletRequest, getServletPath as controller

Any one has experience where getServletPath is not useful (not reliable) in determining which path was used to connect to the servlet? Servlet 2.4 specs getServletPath() public java.lang.String getServletPath() Returns the part of this requests URL that calls the servlet. This path starts with a / character and includes either the servlet name or a path to the servlet, but does ...

38. How to write ActionServlet which should act like a controller?

Hi All, I have a web application in which i've a jsp like One.jsp.In that jsp i've a form,when ui submit it should go to another jsp.But in the action field of the first jsp,I shouldn't mention the second jsp name.I should mention some thing like "welcome".When i submit the form, it should go to a servlet which sends the form ...

39. Servlet as Application Controller

41. why we called a servlet an controller

43. Controller servlet gets messy

hmm... i try to summarize under my web.war i have a servlet controller which directs the request to the respective jsp. To make things less complicated in the controller, i have create separate java class (act as managers) to communicate with the session beans. The controller would only need to call the java class manager. However, i still find the codes ...

44. servlet controller

46. Redirecting to different pages using a servlet Controller

First, why share the controller in this way? Why does each page not get its own controller? Do you have a good reason for the sharing? Secondly, it's a bad idea to switch based upon implicit information such as where the page came from. This makes you code tightly coupled and fragile. Better to use explicit information such as a parameter. ...

47. Servlet as Front Controller

48. why servlet as controller

Take a look at the servlet code which any JSP is translated to. You will see that JSP makes many many assumptions about the desired output. JSP expects that you want to write an HTML page but any real-world web application may have to generate any of a huge variety of outputs from images to PDF. Only servlets - which only ...

50. Regarding JSP controller

52. controller cannot be mappped

I have built a small login application using spring mvc. but there is some error coming (HTTP Status 404 - /Myspringapp11/login). I have used Multiactioncontroller with simpleurlhandlermapping. Here goes the code: web.xml file myServlet org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherSe rvlet contextConfigLocation /WEB-INF/myServlet-servlet.xml 1 myServlet *.* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- myServlet-servlet.xml method

53. JSP -> Model or View or Controller

55. Model 2 Front controller?

56. Writing a servlet controller

57. get data from html tables and send it to controller/servlet

Hi All, Currently we have requirement like, based on the user input(i.e integer, valid from 1-4000) the rows in the table will be constructed, these rows contain three fields, where user will be able to type their input for these fields. Now, i have implemented dynamic rows in table, and user is able to type their data also in these rows. ...

58. "MVC" controller servlet

package controller; import*; import*; import java.sql.*; import java.util.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class ControllerServlet extends HttpServlet { protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { processRequest(request,response); } protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { processRequest(request,response); } protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { String userAction = request.getParameter("action"); if(userAction.equals("searchperson")) { searchPerson(request,response); ...

59. Developing a Page Controller

61. Why we are using servlet as a controller instead of Jsp?

nareshannam wrote: Can any explain answer for this question Thanks in Advance Why we are using servlet as a controller instead of Jsp? Basically JSPs are suited to do just one thing, to generate HTML with variable content. You can put Java code in there too, but it's not a good place for it. Messy to validate, messy to debug. In ...