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1. include directive and attribute name problem

Why in JSP we write attribute name as file in include directive, but as page standard action?

2. JSP page directive with language attribute

I read that with this attribute I can choose which scripting language to use with JSP. For now I use Java but is there a container that is able to use Groovy, JRuby ...

4. extends attribute in page directive

7. include directive and action

8. Include Directive and action

9. include directive vs include action

the directive should really only be used for code that will not change, such a library / 3rd party code, whereas the action can be used for code that may be added to or changed at any time. generally however i don't think includes are a good idea, it's better to encapsulate into classes if possible.

13. About pageEncoding attribute of page directive

JSP spec says you can hv pageEncoding attribute multiple number of times. And in it also says you can hv pageEncoding at the most once per file. What does it exactly means. Here is the extract from JSP which some what ambiguous. A translation unit (JSP source file and any files included via the include directive) can contain more than one ...

14. include (directive x action)

15. include directive and include action

16. include directive and include action

Hello Bear Bibeault, Thanks for the reply. Before my posting I searched with this question in this forum. But I didn't get the exact difference. So again I have posted this question. From your reply I know include directive is included at translation time and include action is included the source at request time. I have another one doubt. Is it ...

17. include directive vs. action

18. directive vs scriptlet? element?

20. Page directive attribute

21. include - directive and action

25. Jsp include directive and include jsp action differences

Hi All, I read the differences between <%@ include file > and jsp:include page="" ; but i find it difficult to understand. I have three jsp pages task1.jsp , task2.jsp, task3.jsp if i had included task1.jsp inside task3.jsp using directive in the below way, <%@ include file = "task1.jsp"> And if i had changed the contents of task1.jsp and then compile ...