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1. Should a servlet explicitly return at the end of doGet/doPost?

Is there any difference between explicitly returning at the end of doGet or doPost-methods, and just letting the method return "by itself"?

public void doGet(HttpSerlvetRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) {

2. Servlets: doGet and doPost

I've developed an html page that sends information to a servlet. In the servlet, I am using the methods doGet and doPost:

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)throws ServletException, IOException 
{  ...

3. stoping doGet/dopost in java servlets?

I've been playing with Java Servlets and Ajax a bit, and I've got a situation on which I would really appreciate advice. Let's say I have HTML page with a start and ...

4. Is it mandatory to have a doGet or doPost method?

I have few questions.

  1. Can i have a Servlet without these two methods?
  2. Can i call my form directly to Service method... Like

import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;

public class FormServlet ...

5. How to deal with potentially long operation in a doGet or a doPost?

After an HTTP POST (generated by an application, not by users) I want to send an email. I got the email sending procedure right but I'm not sure about how ...

6. where are doGet() and doPost() methods in the servlets translated from jsps

In the Servlets that are translated from jsps , I notice that there is _jspservice() method but no doGet() and doPost() methods ? how does the servlet differentiate the GET and ...

7. Servlets doGet doPost AND?

Good day! I am reading Head First Servlets and JSP and it says that 99% of servlets make use of the HttpServlet. What is the other 1%? And it says that in ...

8. Servlet doGet() doPost() method

Generally we specify the doGet and doPost in our HTML code, so that servlet will invoke these methods with respect to the call in HTML code. Is there any way that whether ...

9. Servlet doGet synchronization - doesn't work?

I know that this is simple question but i'm somehow confused. If i understand well, in simple words, when request arrive to web server, he creates thread for each request to some ...

10. How to use doGet in jsp with Servlet

I'm trying to send some thing to a servlet but i get this

    Etat HTTP 404 - /pdfreader/Services%20Web%20avec%20J2EE%20et%20.NET.pdf


type Rapport d''état

message /pdfreader/Services%20Web%20avec%20J2EE%20et%20.NET.pdf

description La ressource demandée (/pdfreader/Services%20Web%20avec%20J2EE%20et%20.NET.pdf) n'est pas ...

11. repeated doGet call

My snippet of HttpServlet:

   protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest,

12. use of doGet() in Java to write HTML code

I want to write an HTML code inside Java, using a servlet. I read about the method doGet() and I wrote this simple example

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ...

13. how many character can it take when using "doGet" (METHOD= GET)

I did a bit of a search on this a while back, and the problem is that theoretically there is no limit, but actually it depends on the clients browser, any proxies, the web server, the app server etc etc. A safe number we pull out of no where in particular is 1024 characters. I think the lowest limit we found ...

14. doGet and doPost

FeatureGET MethodPOST Method Target resource typeActive or PassiveAcive Type of dataTextText as well as Binary Amount of dataMaximum 255 chars. Although the Unlimited HTTP protocol does not limit the length of the query string, some browsers and web servers may not be able to handle more than 255 VisibilityData is part of the URL and isData is not part of the ...

15. doGet or doPost: to servlet from JSP

16. doPost or doGet

17. how to handle doGet or doPost in JSP

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22. doGet() Bottleneck: Do I need mutliple servlets

I'm writing a servlet with the idea of creating an intuitive user interface. The idea is that, while entering information, the page layout stays the same and all the functional buttons stay laid out in the same way. My code mostly works, except for a few significant bugs, but my servlet code is a little messy. All my other code is ...

23. doGet(). , Java Servlet Spec Q?

26. diff b/w doGet() and servlet()

27. Why servlet has to reload the content after invoking doPost or DoGet

It isn't really the Servlet's fault, it's the transport mechanism. Servlets (mostly) talk HTTP, and HTTP says you must have a request and a response. You can't have a request without a response and you can't have a response without a request. The default for browsers is to send the request and then display the response on the page, so if ...

28. Can we Have Write Service,doGet,doPost method implementation in a single servlet

service() method will be called first. If you make an explicit call to doget() method from the service method then goGet() method runs. For Example:

package Test; import*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class TestServlet extends HttpServlet { protected void [b]service[/b](HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); ...

29. not getting value in doget method of servlet

i had to delete rows on basic of checkbox Procedure which i am doing: -- I had a jsp in which on basic of selection of checkbox i am passing empid value to servlet in which do get method is defined which is calling delete () in another java pagewhich is deleting record jsp page <%@page import="java.util.*"%> <%@page import="java.lang.reflect.Array"%> <%@page import="mydao.New_USER;"%> ...

30. is servlet doGet and doPost method are threadsafe?

You are asking for the impossible. One could easily write a servlet in which doGet and doPost are NOT threadsafe by simply having the methods modify instance variables so the answer is "it depends". On the other hand, the local variables refering to the request and the response ARE isolated from all other Threads. Bill

32. Overiding doGet() Method

33. About doGet & doPost methods

It will be called by the servlet container base on the get or post action from the client. For instance if you have an html form with the action equals to get then it will be handled in the doGet method and if the action equals to post then the action will be handled in the doPost method.

36. who calls doget() method of servlet

hello all, i have typical customized webserver. the problem i have with that is when i configure it with IP address and when i send a request through browser using HOST NAME ,its not recognizing. the same happens vice versa that is : set up host name in the http server, and when try a request through IP Address using a ...