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1. JSP getParameter (IE problem)

I have next from:

<form action="relogin.jsp" method="post">
  <input type="text" id="authname" name="login" value="<%=login%>" tabindex="1" title="<%=bundle.getString("[Login]")%>" /> 
  <input type="password" name="pwd" id="authpass" value="" tabindex="2"  title="<%=bundle.getString("[Password]")%>" />
  <input type="submit" name="enter" value="<%=bundle.getString("[Enter]")%>" ...

2. How to use getParameter in jsp the safe way

I'm using getParameter to get content from URL to the page.

<p>name <%= request.getParameter("name") %></p>

What content schould I avoid (ex. script tags)?
How should I validate it?

I'm working in ...

3. getParameter returns truncated string

I have tried everything/searched everywhere and can't come up with an answer. Hope someone can give me a clue... I have and application that is doing a customer name search. It starts with an HTML Form that Posts the user entered name to search by. A controller servlet receives the request an gets the name to search by with a request.getParameter("custName"); ...

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7. getParameter and the URLEncoder

Hello, I'm using a <%=request.getParameter("nameresults")%> to list the names but can't use a

etc because i'm using the URLEncoder.encode to pass the data from the servlet. URLEncoder.encode doesn't work well with HTML so the
wont split the names like I want it below. I have examples below of what I want. Any suggestions? Is there a way to ...

8. about getParameter

hi, i am developing an online quiz...i have a main table on the server from which user depending on his choice selects questions from the table and they are displayed ........for displaying those i m using a loop in which there are 4 radio buttons which corresponds to the option of tat particular i have given them same name as ...

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17. jsp file based on getparameter condition

Hi there I don't think you have been able to describe your problem in the best way. But i think i might help. if you are getting null pointer exception at the s.length(), it is very much correct. There might not be a parameter called q in the request, in which case it would return a null. you better check as ...

18. getParameter() in JSP always returns null...why?

I'm actually reading a ref. book by marty hall. I still don't know were to define the parameter ? Could you be more specific please. Is it possible to embed the parameter definition, instead of create a text item and etc... thanks. [ June 26, 2002: Message edited by: Ayman Jaffar ]

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21. Problem with servlet getParameter()

You posted more information on how you are constructing the form in your (now closed) cross-post (please don't do that). It looks as if you are using out.println() in a JSP to emit HTML. Why? That's really backwards. Aside from using old-fashioned scriptlets in a JSP in the first place (explore JSTL and EL), using Java strings to build HTML is ...

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24. getParameter, getInputstream, getReader and uploading an image?

Ok , what I am trying to do is get an image from the form I submit and store it in a database. (don't ask why or you should store it not in a database just a directory) is on my form and when I click the submit button I can use getParameter to get the value of ...

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26. reuest.getParameter("Login") returns null in servlet

I am using applets embedded in html and applets forwards to servlet. In my Login Servlet req.getParameter("Login") returns null at a few places always. I just upgraded to Java 1.6_027 from 1.5_06 and Weblogic from 9.1 to 10.3.5 My code use to run fine before the changes in code are done but now req.getParameter("Login") retuns null at a few places.I ...