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<c:set var="nameLookup" value="${names}" />
<c:forEach var="result" items="${results}">
This is an excerpt from a ...

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How can I loop through a HashMap in JSP?

    HashMap<String, String> countries = MainUtils.getCountries(l);

<select name="country">
        // ...

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I need to map objects inside Servlet. Is ConcurrentHashMap a reliable choice to use? Will all requests get requested object from map or will there be failures?

public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet ...

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I have a Java Servlet application and I have a Java client that works. It simply creates a URLConnection object and an ObjectOutputStream and then just writes the Hashmap object. How do ...

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In my Servlet i create a hashmap and sent it to my jsp:

request.setAttribute("hm", map);
in my jsp i want to plot this map using jqplot:

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First of all, The iterate tag iterates on a collection. You may either specify an object that itself is a collection, or you may set the property attribute in order to tell which method on the object that returns a collection. Iterate will then loop through that collection, using the iterator() method that all Collections have. A HashMap is not ...

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Well, coding scriptlets (and especially longer ones) is strongly discouraged in favour of using JSTL in combination with servlets. Creating static variables in JSPs is extremely dangerous. Essentially you're working with globals, which can have very nasty consequences when you have multiple simultaneous requests. You're creating a new database connection for every database request (of which you have several per HTTP ...

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Ok - I usually use them not I didnt do it this time. I havent tried because I really don't know where to begin. I need a if statement to compare the values and then if they match, get the recipients list and iterate though it. The iteration isn't the problem here, its how I can go through the hashmap (since ...

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You're right, I'm probably not explaining this correctly. So, I'll try giving you the full story. I have a class Object called Resource: public class Resource { private String contentType = null; private String name; private String owner; private String parent; private long size; private String resourceType; private long num; public Resource( String name, String owner, String parent, long size, String ...

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if i iterate the hm like : Iterator hIter = hm.entrySet().iterator(); while(hIter.hasNext()){ String value = hIter.next().toString(); log.info("value = " +value); } m getting: value = 20100128-2=[class se.ralip.openarchive.vo.WfmsInvoiceManagementVO[ supplier=Mohanty: documentId=54318: invioceNumber= 3386675205: invoiceDate=19/12/2008: dueDate=19/12/2009: amount=400.00: arrivalDate=null: status=archived: scanno=123_457 ], class se.ralip.openarchive.vo.WfmsInvoiceManagementVO[ supplier=Mohanty: documentId=54319: invioceNumber= 3386675205: invoiceDate=19/12/2008: dueDate=19/12/2009: amount=400.00: arrivalDate=null: status=archived: scanno=123_458 ], class se.ralip.openarchive.vo.WfmsInvoiceManagementVO[ supplier=Mohanty: documentId=54320: invioceNumber= 3386675205: invoiceDate=17/12/2008: dueDate=18/12/2009: amount=4010.00: arrivalDate=null: ...

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