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1. How to transfer java array to javaScript array using jsp?

I have a list of strings on my server which I am trying to get to the client in the form of an array. The code I am attempting to use ...

2. help neede for implementing a button action in html page

sir, problem analysis: when i m clicking a submit button of my html form the function related to the button is called and it does its work.after completing the work a mail notification ...

3. How to print the values from datatable(Arraylist) using javascript?

I have a datatable in a JSP page and a print button. On click of the print button it will open the print option dialog and print the datatable values. Now, I ...

4. Pass array from my application to JS

I am developing an application in JSPs and Servlets, and I want to know if, and how it is possible to pass an array from my application in to some javascript ...

5. Passing array from JSP to Javascript(how to create a matrix in javascript)

i get a list from my java code and I would like to create a matrix from this list. In my jsp I have a select and I would like to display ...

6. At IE7, action "javascript:history.back()" in JSP jump back to main page, not previous viewed page

Below are the code pieces in one jsp page, the function is to jump back to previous page, it works on Firefox 3.5, but does not work on IE7, at IE7, ...

7. Unterminated string constant

My Description contains an apstrophe('). How to escape it.

<a href='javascript:select("<%= pageBean.replace(list.getColumn(0), "'", "'") %>",
"<%= pageBean.replace(list.getColumn(1), "'", "'") %>");' title="<%=selRpt%>">
<span class='img-view'></span></a>
"<%= pageBean.replace(list.getColumn(1), "'", "'") %>" is the description part in my JSP ...

8. Getting ArrayList object from servlet and storing it as javascript array variable using AJAX

I have some arrayList objects as my servlet request attribute. I want to get it into my javascript variable which is in a JSP page. I tried like this. abc.jsp

var myList=<% (ArrayList)request.getParameter("list_name") ...

9. How to use scriptlet inside javascript

Can someone test this example and share the results?
When I do:

var myVar = '<% request.getContextPath(); %>';
I get : '<% request.getContextPath(); %>'. Removing the enclosing single quotes from '<% request.getContextPath(); ...

10. How to change XML attribute on the client side and then save the result on the server side?

My Question is : I read a xml file from server side and then present them into client side, next I want to edit the data, like : using setAttribute() method ...

11. How do I pass JavaScript values to Scriptlet in JSP?

Can anyone tell me how to pass JavaScript values to Scriptlet in JSP?

12. Javascript 2-d associative arrays

I have a Javascript 2-D array defined as follows:

proData[prov_999998] = new Array();

proData[prov_999998]["address"] = "29 South St. South #202  Uxbridge   ON  L9P 1V9";

proData[prov_999998]["phone"] = "555-555-5555";

proData[prov_999998]["fax"] = "444-444-4444";
I'm trying ...

13. how to pass servlet action in redirect function in javascript

in my first jsp i am poping up a jsp window. in this pop up window i am selecting few request and passing it to another jsp through servlet. my problem ...

14. Pass an array from .jsp file to .js file

Possible Duplicate:
How to transfer java array to javaScript array using jsp?
After googling I am still not able to pass array from .jsp file to ...

15. How to assign or initialize a Java array to Javascript array, without using JSP?

I am working in Play framework and I need to use Java array inside Javascript. I tried the following -

var jsarray = ${javaArray};
Where javaArray is the array in the Java controller, ...

16. An array from JavaScript to servlet

I have a problem with receiving data from JavaScript into a servlet. In my page, a user can generate an array with strings (using JavaScript). I want to receive this data ...

17. Trouble making a Javascript array using JSP

I find JSP works great in HTML but I often have problems using it to generate Javascript. This code isn't working, and in fact the page crashes when I try to ...

18. how to access the jsp array variable into javascipt?

I want to access the jsp array in Javascript. How it is possible? JSpCode

String s[];

List l=(List)request.getAttribute("listResource");
System.out.println("The Elements In List::"+l);

    System.out.println("The Size of List::"+l.size());
    int siz=l.size();

19. How to get javascript array to jsp page

I am posting my javascript array to a jsp page by using $.ajax() ,

var a = {}; a['c0'] = 1; a['c1'] = 2;

// or    

var a = {}; ...

20. JSP sendRedirect behaviour

I am making a call to a JSP script that issues a response.sendRedirect instruction. How can I know that it is trying to redirect me ? It seems like it is ...

21. how to send jsp array to Ajax?

Is there a way to return an array of strings from jsp to Ajax? How can I send it to the Ajax and read it as


22. Calling a javascript method from a jsp page (in a scriptlet) which is defined in another page

Stuck with this issue for a while now. I have jsp pages like - In /dashboard:

I have a method defined in view_auth.jsp - showPopUp(){ ...

23. Passing string to popup

I'm working with a JSP page and it's displaying a table of a storage objects that was fetched. I want to have a popup to another JSP page when the user ...

24. Using javascript to perform two actions on uploading a file. File and file details are not passed onto the javascript function

I am using this code to upload a file. I have to perform two submit actions. So I call a javascript function onclick(). However, neither the file nor the file details ...

25. Sharing array with Javascript in JSP?

Johanna, I'm nit sure exactly what you are trying to do, but the following may help. If you have a Java array that is in scope during JSP execution, you can create a corresponding JavaScript structure. Perhaps something along the lines of: