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1. What are the correspondent of Servlet and Applet in .NET?

I am trying to understand what's the correspondent of servlets and applets in .NET but I don't have much experience in JAVA. I am thinking applets could be compared to the silverlight ...

2. Applet v/s Servlet

Whats the difference between Applet and Servlet in JAVA

3. Java appserver to be iniated in Java application

I'm looking for an Java based Application server which should be controllable within an Java application. I want to be able to start/stop the server within the application. So far most App ...

4. Running applet in servlet

I am creating an applet called graph in a web application.... I am creating a servlet... in that i am adding the applet tag using that class file in the out.println ...

5. Is it possible to create an instance of Servlet and applet from my application's main

I have one standalone application. I have one servlet, one applet. Now my question is : Is it possible to create an instance of Servlet and applet from my application's main class? Some one told me It is not possible. My reasoning is they are also objects so it should be possible. [ December 19, 2005: Message edited by: Hemant Agarwal ...

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9. To generate An applet from a servlet

10. applet & servlet

11. applet servlet problem

12. Running a servlet from an applet

13. Servlets through Applets

14. applet to servlet

Hi Ray, Applet to servlet communication is dealt very nicely in the Orielly's "Servlet Programming" book by Jason Hunter. I have the following solution to your problem. 1. Open a Http connection to the Servlet using the URL and URLConnection classes in package. 2. Get an outputstream from the URL connection object and pass it to a high level data ...

16. applet to servlet

17. Servlets/ Applets

19. Servlets and applets

20. applet to servlet

21. Applet - Servlet Communications

I'm writing an application which will use servlets and applets. I have "Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages" turned to section 17.3 (Reading Serialized Data Stuctures) which outlines servlet to applet communication. I'm using JDK v1.3 and Tomcat 3.2 and Win 2000. I've written a couple of other apps using this same setup, but this is the first time that I'm using ...

22. Applet-Servlet Programming

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good applet-servlet resources on the web. I have a user poll on my homepage, that uses a servlet to update the info, and return the results of the poll. This was very simple to implement. But now I think I want to use an applet as the front-end. The applet would send ...

23. Shaping your Applet or Servlet

24. Shaping your Applet or Servlet

25. Poping applet from a servlet

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27. Applet --> Servlet... PLEASE HELP!

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37. Applet fetching problem in servlet

38. how to run applet in servlet

39. How do I launch an Applet/Application from a Servlet?

I appreciate your quick responses! However, it did not help me, because I did not understand what you meant. I'm just now going through the moreservlets text by Marty Hall, and am at chapter 3. I do not yet have any in-depth knowledge of servlets, or how to implement any of the things you suggested. Can someone please be a bit ...

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41. applet-to-servlet : making it work ...

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44. servlet opening new window for applet

45. accessing applets from servlets

46. Servlet-applet communcation

47. applet to servlet

Hi. I am doing a project in which I have to send some data from applet to the servlet , where the servlet has to invoke a process with this data , the process generates a figure , I have to display this figure to the client. I have two questions , how do I send the data , the data ...

48. can COM port be accessed through servlets/applets?

Thanks guys.. i think it really is time to rethink the architechure. my client wanted his website, which has ringtones etc, to write directly to the mobile phone rather than storing it on the pc and than using the mobile's utility to copy it to phone. I think it would be more feasible and easier to download the stuff to the ...

49. Server Address In Servlet & Applet

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53. many applets accessing a writing servlet ...

i have to clear some points on your suggestion: as far as i know every applet which starts an urlconnection results in a new instance of the servlet. so i have to care about more than one servlet instance. to have a shared copy of the highscore in memory i would declare it only as static and declare the methods which ...

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55. servlet-applet methods

56. using applets and servlets together

57. Applet and Servlet not talking to each other

Hi all, I have this applet that needs on load some info from Database. So im getting the parameter in applet - passing it to servlet - then query from DB and then back to servlet and then to applet, to display information in applet. But for some reason my applet and servlet are not communicating...can some one please have a ...

59. Why servlet is better than Applet

60. I want observer/observable implemented in Servlet/Applet

In order to do a server push, I think that you're going to have to open a socket on the applet which will let the server initiate a conversation with the remote applet. You could register your observers by having them send an initial call to the servlet once they have been init'd to have them be registered as observers. Now, ...

61. how to get applet to talk to servlet

62. Servlet to Applet

63. Servlets/ Applets

As everyone who has ever read my messages probably already know that Im currently working on a chess program. Im trying to create a chess program that two people can play online. This is a big project. And I may never complete it. But I don't give up easily. My programming experience is from practice only. What I'm trying to understand ...

64. Difference between servlets & Applet

65. difference between servlet and applet

66. Applets in Servlets

67. Applets in Servlets

68. passing control from applet to servlet

Good day, I really hope you get to help me with my problem as i can't seem to return control to my servlet when using an applet in my jsp =( i recently downloaded a free applet from (it's an applet for bulk upload of images) and i can't seem to get the control back in my post in the ...

69. How to run applet with servlet

72. applets and servlets

hey, i want to embed an applet in to a jsp page. for some reason nothing works. i am working with netbeans 6.9.1 and using tomcat for the servlets connection. maybe my structure of the project is wrong i got index.jsp in web folder which embeds the applet and and my src folder contains my maybe someone can show me ...

73. Applet-Servlet Problem notinited

75. Java Applet/Servlet Question

Hello everyone, I recently wrote a Java Applet which turned out to work fine -- albeit a bit crudely, but I would like it to be persistant across all users that view the Applet. The basic function of the applet is displaying a list that anyone will be able to update. Obviously if the applet is not persistant it loses its ...

76. applet / servlet questions

77. Applet servlet help

78. Applet running from servlet

I had created an applet. It is works good. Then I created a servlet which is generating a page on which applet is running. It works good, but here is a little problem, an icon for a button doesn't loading, can't find a file with picture for an icon. Can you tell me where I should place files with icons, or ...

79. Applet Servlet Comm. Problem

A Chart constructor takes as an arg a JFreeChart. Chart is a JComponent so i cannot serialize it. That's why the servlet passes a JFreechart object and the applet constructs a chart from it. I cast the object to a jfreechart and pass it to the constructor of the chart. The strange thing also is that, wghile initially with a non ...

80. Should i use Applet or Servlet

81. Different things on Applets and Servlets

I use Eclipse. I create two projects: applet and servlet (deploy on Tomcat). One is with the function main, the other has doGet. In these functions I write the same string: Mac.getInstance("HmacSHA1"); But when I run applet - it's ok, when I deploy servlet and run on Tomcat - there are exception: Algorithm HmacSHA1 not available How to make it ...