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1. popup applet does not render the second click in the window that calls

I´m developing for web using struts and one applet that I use that is called in jsp. when I click in the first time, the popup shows perfectly and when I ...

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4. Calling an Applet from JSP - applet not inited?

Serving an applet class is just like serving any other binary data from a file - the request is going to be a GET. you have to be sure to 1. use the response OutputStream (NOT the writer) 2. set the content-type to match what the browser is expecting (I can't remember what the type is for class files) 3. set ...

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Plugin tag not supported. ...

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10. Calling a Servlet from an Applet

Here is an example of an applet calling a servlet by passing it an object and then getting an object back from the servlet. The rule is the objects passed back and forth must be serializable. So you could pass a String containing a SQL statement from the applet to the servlet and get back a Vector (not a ResultSet which ...

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12. Calling Applet from JSP! Urgent Please!

I don't really think you can do that. You can send an HttpResponse to the applet, but I don't think you can call functions/classes on the applet from the server. You might instead want to try invoking server commands from the applet and then getting back a response which effectively dictates the actions of the applet. In this way the server ...

13. HELP! Servlet calling Applet

The reason is that the browser is looking for the applet class files in the wrong place. You need to either: 1. Give a complete URL for the CODE 2. Put a tag in the head area of the html page that points to the location of the class files. I prefer 2 because that also gives the browser where ...

15. Servlet can Call an Applet

1. Servlets don't call applets, servlets write HTML pages that have embedded applet tags. 2. Applet classes are loaded by applet rules NOT servlet rules. They are loaded by requests from the browser to the web server so the class files have to be where the web server can serve them. Servers are forbidden to serve files from WEB-INF. 3. A ...

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