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1. Images in Applet not showing in web page

I am trying to display a JPEG image and a moving dot on a Java applet which I am using on a web based application. However, when I run the applet ...

2. Replace Java applet loader image

I have a JSP page like this.

<jsp:plugin type="applet" codebase="." code="ViewerApplet.class" align="center" width="100%" height="600" jreversion="1.6" archive="icepdf-core.jar, icepdf-viewer.jar, icepdf-applet.jar">
        <jsp:param  ...

3. Java Applet Image

4. problem in sending image from applet to servlet

dear friends, i have a need to send an image from applet to servlet via HttpConnection and getting back that image from applet. i am struggling with this sice many hours and got tired by searching any post that would help me but haven't got yet. i tried using this code but it dosent make any execution sit right. i got ...