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1. JSP bean tag for property that might not exist

In JSP I can reference a bean's property by using the tag ${} Is there some way to deal with properties that might not exist? I have a JSP page that needs to ...

2. Using a jsp bean in a session

I am using a JSP bean and when I do an assignment to a new object, it gets over-written on a submit to the previous object.

<jsp:useBean id="base" class="com.example.StandardBase" scope="session" />
//base object ...

3. Struts & bean

I have two questions : 1) Where do we call a bean in struts (what is the exact line through which we call the bean and from which file) and how ...

4. JSP useBean scope question

I have 4 JSP pages

  • index.jsp - default index webpage. Index.jsp includes the build.jsp to initialize the web service as well as the header.jsp (to display the form with the dropdown element. ...

5. why use jsp:useBean here but not just create a new object?

In a JSP page, there is such code:

<jsp:useBean id="checklog"  class="" scope="session" />
and then
<% checklog.checkit(); %>
Why we don't just create the object with new What's the benefit of doing this? And ...

6. jsp:setProperty for bean not working properly

Hi I am having issue of set property tag not working properly. I have a jsp which I am including in webcenter as portlet.

<jsp:useBean id="pathEditor" class="backing.bean.AppletBean" scope="page"/>

<jsp:getProperty name="pathEditor" property="username" />
<jsp:setProperty name="pathEditor" ...

7. Using a bean class from a servlet in a Java EE application

I just started to study Java EE and made some examples (Just Hello World and some a bit more complicated). Now I'm doing a small application myself for learning purposes. I ...

8. How do I set JSP UseBean values from a servlet

I am writing a web application that uses a JSP usebean tag in the session scope as shown below

<jsp:useBean id="userSession" class="project.session.UserSession" scope="session" />
I have also written a filter which does some ...

9. How to use bean in JSP?

How to use bean in JSP with only <jsp:useBean>, not MVC? Assume you have a grade.txt file which contains following data:

Tom 90
Jerry 70
Katy 80
John 60
It asks you to create a bean named ...

10. Beans, Lists and JSP

I have a little question... On my JSP page I have a List of beans. I want to extract a sublist of beans with a specific property (Ex. all Horror books). ...

11. I have used jsp and java beans for an application of music store.but the set and get methods are not working

here is my jsp page

<%@ page import="java.sql.Connection"%>
<%@ page import="java.sql.DriverManager"%>
<%@ page import="java.util.ArrayList"%>
<%@ page import="java.sql.ResultSet"%>
<%@ page import="Mybean.Bean"%>

       <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

12. Using JSP Bean in a Servlet

So I'm using a bean on a JSP page to store some data, like so: <jsp:useBean id="data" class="myclass" scope="session" /> Is there anyway to access this bean from a servlet at a later ...

13. Error in jsp when i use bean , can any one help?

I want to use bean in my jsp page but run time occure and i can't resolve.

An error occurred at line: 28 in the jsp file: /WEB-INF/AdminPages/AddUser.jsp
listOfGroupNo cannot be resolved
25: %>
26: ...

14. java session bean - reload data?

Here's what I want to do. It seems simple, but I can't get it to work. JSP1 - user fills out form, submits to JSP2. JSP2 populates the form values in ...

15. Javabeans with jsp:useBean. How do they work? I don't understand

I have to get 2 numbers and an operation from a jsp file, using a java bean. After submitting the numbers, take them to a servlet from that Java Bean and ...

16. useBean setProperty not behaving as advertised

I'm trying to use "auto wiring" between request attributes and a bean with

<jsp:useBean id="cib" class="(fqn).CarInfoWebBean" scope="request">
    <jsp:setProperty name="cib" property="*" /></jsp:useBean>  
but the setter of the ...

17. Beans serialization in JSP

Why some times tutorials make beans implement Serializable object and others do not? I know that object should be serialized when I want to send it through a network, so does that ...

18. Bean setProperty

Hello everybody :) I have misunderstanging in setPropety in using Bean ? when I make like this

 <jsp:setProperty name="myBean" property="*">
I have to make the field names of the form the same as attribute ...

19. Invoke bean method from jsp

I would like to know how to Invoke bean method from jsp. something like. On click of button [Hey] i would like to print "Hello world". Thank you.

20. Display iterate bean value in jsp

<logic:iterate id="requirement" name="requirementList" indexId="reqNumber">
        <a href="#" onClick="editItem('<%=requirement.service.description%>')">Edit</a>
As you can see, my intention is to populate edit links with a variety of values that are ...

21. JSP Bean only works when I change

I have a weird problem, or I believe it is weird. First of all, these are the codes:

public class Bean implements Serializable {
    private String adSoyad;


22. Servlets vs Beans

I need advice from experienced developers regarding the software architecture of a project. The need is to provide with a REST interface for an API so that a customer can : 1) authenticate ...

23. Using java beans in jsp

I am using netbeans 6.9.1 with jsp and tomcat 6 to work on a web project. I want to use javabeans in my projet. Where i have to place the bean ...

24. Can't use : "Bean cannot be resolved to a type"

I'm just playing around with JSP. I just wanted to test some <jsp:useBean> stuff, but I can't. Every time if I'm using <jsp:useBean>, I get an error. Even if I just ...


beans has to be packaged, if u don't container might treat it as a part of its own package and u get errors; so have package declarations in your beans classes: ie package com.etc; then compile it to /WEB-INF/classes/com/etc hope this would solve the problem. [ February 28, 2002: Message edited by: ersin eser ]

26. Accesing java beans vs ejb's from jsp

With a regular JavaBean, you can just use the "jsp:useBean" and Bob's your uncle. There's no such easy way in with EJB's - you have to do a JNDI lookup to find the bean's Home interface, then create or find using one of the home methods. So why go to all that much trouble? Because EJBs have some useful attributes: 1. ...

27. tag libs over java beans

28. always java beans in command pattern to business delegate

Well i am developing shopping cart applcation.I want to know that say if i want to diplay items on the page Item.jsp.After logging the client goes to the items.jsp.I apply mvc in contoller i call command object and in which there is execute method in that execute method i call businness method(say ejb and other pattern i apply thier what ever ...

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41. Java Beans Issue

I have a java bean I am using the complete a form. Here is an example of one of one of the form elements being completed: "> In the bean I have the following member variable: private String email = ""; And the following methods: public void setEmail (String email) { = email; } ...

42. Java Beans and JSP

Hello again.. in my application a jsp dispplays data stored in the form of beans..I have also use the java mail api.. the problem is that the getFrom() method of java mail api retrieves the name and email address of sender..which i stored in a bean's from jsp when i retrieve this property only the name of sender is displayed ...

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48. Accesing image files in java beans

hi all I am developing an application which needs to access images files put in image folder in java bean file. I tried a lot by using different methods and failed always, except in case of absolute path which I dont want to use. My directory structure is as below /Web-apps /MyApp index.html myjsp.jsp /Images img1.png /WEB-INF /classes /beans In ...

49. Tomcat6 and Java Beans

50. Java Beans and Java persistance

It sounds like Scott thinks you are asking for code to do exactly what you need (for a program that can dynamicly change data sheet(SQL)using java beans). Scott is pointing out that people won't write your code for you. If you are looking for something more general like a tutorial, please elaborate a bit more on what you are searching for. ...

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52. JSP/Servlet and Java Beans Tutorials??

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57. Can a Servlet be both a loaded Servlet and a Javabean in useBean?

I want my Servlet to both be a servlet and also be able to be used as a bean in the tag: I have two questions: 1. Can this be done? 2. If a form is posted and it's sent to my servlet, if the servlet is also used on the page in the "useBean" tag, ...

58. Using servlets with java beans

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60. Java Beans and JSP

63. Difference Between EJB and Java Beans

64. Purpose of using the Java Beans in JSP?

Hi, I'm learning the JSP. After i studied some important concepts in JSP. I have a doubt. Why i have to use Java Beans in JSP? For Example i'm filling the form and i can get the value of the form fields by using the easy expression or normal method. But when it's going to beans first i have to set ...

65. How can two servlets deployed in separate web modules share a list of Java beans?

Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best-practice to allow two servlets that are deployed in two separate contexts to share an array of Java beans. I'm working with WebSphere, and have a servlet that is to be shared by many different portlets that are defined by many different portlet-apps. Each portlet-app is deployed separately from the other portlet-apps, so they ...

66. what is Java Beans in java technology?

67. Using beans with jsp without any ide

and the jsptest.jsp code is : <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" language="java" import="java.sql.*" errorPage="" %> Untitled Document <% out.println(beanDb.connect()); Connection connection; Statement stmt = null; ResultSet rs = null; %>

68. Bean wth jsp using JNDI

69. Setting Bean from servlet

Hi, I am trying to set my bean full of stuff when a servlet is called. I have a few intermediary methods in another class to do this so the servlet calls that, then the bean should be set. I would also like to get Bean parameters from the servlet since I am building some XML to return to the page ...