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1. Why error "Attempted a bean operation on a null object."???

I am getting an error: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Attempted a bean operation on a null object. but not sure why??? Here is the first JSP which I have simply called form.jsp Then it calls another form called processForm.jsp Please note both of the form.jsp and processForm.jsp are in the same directory. Welcome ...

2. EL to display bean attribute evaluates to null

Problem Description: Attribute value does not get displayed using EL in a JSP JSTL tag used is c:forEach A request from a html page is sent to servlet to get a page to select a customer for further processing. THe servlet populates an ArrayLIst with customer objects. Sets the arraylist to the request. Then forwards the request to a Jsp page. ...

4. bean value gives null

5.  sets null values in the bean

My JSP Page contains the and tags and also the form. The form field names match the bean properties names. Code in JSP PAGE:

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