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1. Refreshing output from bean classes

Hello, I am using a jsp:use bean tag to difne a bean that represents an instance of a class as below: the first time i call this page, it shows the correct data , but when i try to refresh it , it still shows the old data. I have system.out statements in the class that shows ...

3. Issue with JPS and refreshing Entity bean's data.

Hi guys I was just wondering if someone could explain what seems like an obvious issue to me, but something I'm finding very hard to get around. If I goto the page displaying the value for 'name' I get the expected result, however if the value is changed in the database and I move away from the page and back again, ...

4. JSP+bean+page refresh

i\m getting information from

using java bean. public void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request){ request.getParameter("login"); } next i'm sending this record to data base. all is beautiful, but when a'm refreshing my page login record is reading and putting into the data base again. what should i do when i want to read this login only once and that's it.