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1. Bean (sometimes) not being populated in servlet

I have a servlet that handles request in th doGet() method which looks like

    protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)

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6. Running servlet from bean

Dilip, I think it is the other way round. Write your connectionPool as a Java class and test independently. Now in all your servlets which want to share a connectionPool object, do this logic. In all servlet's init() check if there is a ConnectionPool obj in servletContext. If it is not there, then create a ConnecitonPool and sponsor to other servlets ...

9. Instantiate a bean in a servlet

Sharmila, Here is a sample code. Assume "SampleBean" is your bean's name. 1.In your servlet code "import SampleBean;" 2.Make an instance SampleBean sb = new SampleBean(); or any other bean's constructor you would like to call 3. Call the needed methods on this bean instance sb.setData("somearg"); 4. pass this bean to jsp HttpSession httpSession = request.getSession(false); httpSession.setAttribute("myBean",mb); getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher(response.encodeURL("/login/welcome.jsp")); regds maha anna ...

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19. When to use beans or servlets

I find it difficult to decide when to use beans and servlets. I have made a login page which when submitted can go to a servlet which can verify the user name and password and accordingly allow or disallow the user. But instead of this I can also submit the form to a JSP page which can check the user name ...

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I have several places in the jsp files of a web app where I want to change the action attribute of a form depending on whether I'm running on my development machine or the production box right now I have a bean with a function I can call from the jsp to return either "localhost" or "" depending on which I've ...

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27. bean to servlet

A Java bean is supposed to be a "Model". In other words, it is supposed to hold the state information. You don't send data from Java bean to a servlet. Servlet is the one that will manipulate a Java bean directly or indirectly & access the bean to get the state information.

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29. Servlets and beans

Folks, I have a question with regards to passing a bean to a servlet. I currently have a jsp page, called aa that calls a servlet and runs a service. The servlet then populates a bunch of nested beans. I then pass the nested beans back to a jsp page bb to display the results. I now want to call another ...