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1. Configure Bean in Tomcat 4.0??? (Fast)

Hi all I am not able to configure bean in Tomcat 4.0 Please help me in this regard. As usual I tried putting .class files in Web-inf/classes folder of the related application. But when I call the bean it is not getting instantiated. So pleaaaaaaaaaaase help me Bye Nived ------------------ Nived Kumar P N

2. Where do i have to put my beans in Tomcat?

Hi. I'm using Tomcat 4.0.1 , and i developed a web application with some jsp's and beans. the problem is , when i put the beans in myapplication/web-inf/classes, tomcat is not seeing them, and an error message,noClassDefFound appears. But when i put my beans in CATALINE_HOME/classes, it works. Any suggestion? Regards. Maher.

3. Tomcat 4.0 and JSP- problem using beans

OK, I am sorting my way through the minimalist documentation that comes with Tomcat 4.0, the JSP QuickStart Guide ( which refers to Tomcat version 3.0, and the great tutorial at I have managed to run all the samples that come with Tomcat, I can run the samples that come with the Quickstart guide. I have even managed to follow ...

4. Do have to restart Tomcat every time I recompile a bean?

This is FAQ from jguru, the answer is It depends on how the context of your application its configured (check the reload attribute in the Context tag of tomcat configuration (normally conf/server.xml), and where that bean it's located. If the bean it's located in the WEB-INF/classes or WEB-INF/lib of your application and the reload attribute is set to true, no, you ...

5. jsp/bean/tomcat

6. jsp:useBean and TomCat's Introspection

Hi, In my JSP view component I am setting a Bean's property like this: First of all I am not able to find the xxxDetails instance in my controller. If I set the scope as session I get the xxxDetails instance. Secondly, even if I get the instance (scope="session") the properties are null! Meaning, ...

7. Tomcat doesn't know my bean

What I suspect might be missing is the following statement near the beginning of the jsp: <%@ page import="mypackage.ProbeBean" %> Just like regular java classes, JSPs require an import if you use classes from another package. The above code assumes that your class is in a package called mypackage. If you didn't put your bean in a package, I suggest you ...