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1. useBean action

Let us suppose if i have a statement in my jsp page like Is it necessary that i must have declared earlier in the code? I mean , what if i use a code like "session.setAttribute("xyz", someobject) earlier in the code but not useBean tag, will it work?? we know ...

3. using usebean action

5. pass a bean from jsp to action handler

hi, I'm using a bean as data container between action handler and jsp - works fine in that direction. In case the validation comes up with an error, the action handler sends the bean back to an "edit bean", where things may be corrected within a form and then the bean, now containing the right values, is to be sent to ...

6. jsp:useBean Action

8. useBean action and class attribute

Hi all, Why the class attribute in useBean action has to be fully qualified ? I mean by using page import directive I can make the class visible anyway, like this: <%@ page import="my.wicket.pack.*" %> and then but it doesn't work if the class is defined as my.wicket.pack.MyClass ... Why ? Cheers, Adrian

9. type attribute of jsp:useBean action

12. Question on UseBean action

13. JSP-standard-action "useBean"

Ok, i understood this as you mentioned, but why the hell im getting a blank page back then, after naming the servlet-attribute into something else, so that the standard-action-if-clause executes? Let me clarify the look of my whole app. the index.jsp gets some userInput:

Username: Location: Age: ...

14. jsp:useBean standard action

From the sun docs: # class="package.class" Instantiates a Bean from a class, using the new keyword and the class constructor. The class must not be abstract and must have a public, no-argument constructor. The package and class name are case sensitive. # type="package.class" If the Bean already exists in the scope, gives the Bean a data type other than the class ...