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1. The value for the useBean class attribute ... is invalid

I want to use a Java file SaveProp which is written in a package user. The class file has been placed in WEBINF/classes. Below are the two lines which cause the ...

2. How to Show attributes of two different beans in one jsp

In a small Struts application (not using any data base) I have a login.jsp and register.jsp. Once the Login is successful it is redirected to success.jsp. Once the Registration is successful it is ...

3. error: The value for the useBean class attribute user.CompileClasss is invalid

I am getting a The value for the useBean class attribute user.CompileClasss is invalid These are my files: index.jsp

<%@ page session="true" %>
<%@ page import="user.CompileClass" %>

<jsp:useBean id="user1" class="user.CompileClasss" scope="session" />
<jsp:setProperty name="user1" property="*"/>
<html>  ...

4. In the bean:write tag, can "name" even refer to an attribute name instead of a bean name?

In the documentation, the "name" inside a <bean:write> tag is mentioned to be the name of the bean whose property has to be printed. If the property isn't mentioned, the value ...

5. write a bean to the title attribute of an element in a jsp page

I have a jsp page that is calling a action form my problem is how do I get the data in each row to not only get written to be the ...

6. The value for the useBean class attribute ****** is invalid

I use Tomcat 6 and have jsp file and java file which is located on the server ] These are all files which I upload on the server

WEB-INF/lib/tools.jar file

7. The value for the useBean class attribute is invalid

I am facing an error after moved my site from one server to other. My problem is java bean is working fine if page is at root folder. for example "" is ...

8. JSP Page Won't Work: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jsp and The value for the useBean class attribute is invalid

I am having an issue running a jsp file which uses a java class. The jsp file is called temp.jsp. I have put my jsp file in the ROOT folder on ...

11. Data sharing with Beans or Attributes?

12. invalid useBean attribute error

14. The value for the useBean class attribute Bean.Airf.AirfData is invalid

Hi all.. I am using tomcat 5 and i have a deployed folder called test.I use number of beans in thant folder write i created another folder called test2 and copy the test folder on to it and deployed the test2 folder.then i restart the tomcat. when i run the application in net folder (eg../test2/test/index.jsp) it gives the folowing error. ...

19. type and class attributes in jsp:useBean

I was under the impression that, if you use both a type attribute and a class attribute, and the jsp:useBean constructs an object, then the object is constructed using the class specified in the class attribute, but the reference to the object is supposed to be of the type specified in the type attribute. In practice, with Tomcat 5.5, it appears ...

22. useBean class attribute error

23. some problem with java beans scope attribute?

i make a javabena element in a page and its scope is session but it not working correctly, because i do not access it next two page in same session and error create object? following are code for create java bean in jsp <%@page import="DAO.*" session="true"%> Controller jsp ...

27. obtaining the JSP Tag Attributes from a bean

I am retrieving values from a bean and trying to set those to the attributes of a custom tag. Here instead of the string "abcd" ... I would like to populate it from a value obtained by querying a bean. What is the correct syntax? I am able to obtain the value from the bean as follows:

28. The value for the useBean class attribute SendMailBean is Invalid?

Hi All, I have created a send mail jsp files which will be able to send mail using Java mail API. I dont know whats happeneing i'm getting below error when ever I'm trying to send something. Please Help!! ERROR: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /SendMail.jsp(41,2) The value for the useBean class attribute SendMailBean is invalid. at org.apache.jasper.compiler.DefaultErrorHandler.jspError( at org.apache.jasper.compiler.ErrorDispatcher.dispatch( at org.apache.jasper.compiler.ErrorDispatcher.jspError( at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Generator$GenerateVisitor.visit( at ...

31. "scope" attribute in jsp:useBean tag

35. Setting bean in Simple tag attribute

39. /saveperson.jsp(14,0) value for useBean class attribute PersonDAO invalid?

package vu; import*; public class PersonInfo implements Serializable{ private String name; private String address; private int phoneNum; // no argument constructor public PersonInfo() { name = ""; address = ""; phoneNum = 0; } // setters public void setName(String n){ name = n; } public void setAddress(String a){ address = a; } public void setPhoneNum(int pNo){ phoneNum = pNo; } ...