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1. Call EJB Session bean from a J2ME http connection

Any one know how to call a EJB Session bean from a J2ME http connection without servelts as a middleman.J2ME has no RMI. But I saw in somewhere that ...

2. Oracle connection beans

4. Writing a Connection Bean

5. The value for the useBean class attribute connection.StringManipulation is invalid

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ page import="connection.StringManipulation" language="java"%>

<% String firstString = request.getParameter("firstString"); String lastString = request.getParameter("lastString"); if (firstString != null && lastString != null) { String resultString = ...

6. Connection Pooling in stateful EJB beans

On one of the site i read that stateful session beans are not usually pooled. i doubt this staement.My question here if stateful beans are not pooled there wont be any need for ejb activate and passivate.(because passivate is called when client request some bean and its already engaged.Then it will passivate it Least used bean. Then it means statefulbeans must ...