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1. Is dependency injection possible for JSP beans?

This may be a long shot question.. I am working on an application that is based on JSP/Javascript only (without a Web framework!) Is there a way to have depencency injection for JSP ...

2. How do I obtain a new stateful session bean in a servlet thread?

I'm experimenting with EJB3 I would like to inject a stateful session bean into a servlet, so that each user that hits the servlet would obtain a new bean. Obviously, I can't let ...

3. Glassfish servlet and EJB bean dependency

I am using Glassfish 3.1.1 and trying to get EJB2.x deployment working before moving to EJB3. I have made a small example that is structured like this:

  • EAR
    • A.jar
      • ejb-jar.xml to describe bean A, ...