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I am trying to familiarize myself with JavaEE. I am a bit confused as to what the purpose of each "component" (for lack of a better word) is: Session Beans ...

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Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer: Is this the same problem you're asking about here? request.getAttribute() doesn't help with handling files, but since you wouldn't implement a servlet -see the first point above- that point is moot anyway. [/list] sorry sir i mentioned wrong not request.getAttribute() its request.getInputStream() using servlet class. i will explain in details as i mentioned earlier i want ...

4. When to use Jsp when to use servlets and when to use Bean / EJB ?    coderanch.com

hi you can do everything using JSP what ever u can do with servlets.but coming to servlets, u have to combine both HTML and java code which is tedious when the HTMl code is huge.In this situation using JSP is very comfortable, as jsp seperates presentation logic and business logic. The same java code will work both in servlets and JSP's.It's ...

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i know there r lots of tutorial,but no one is guide u that how to build step-by-step web App by using JSP+Tomcat with an Sample Application. Can u just Recommand a E-Book/PDF or any other Link except Paid-Training web sites. The Reason tht i m aware of the Theoritical knowledge of JSP. But since i wont Developed any Live-project on this. ...

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So I have this very small, lightweight storefront J2EE application I created. I doubt serious 5 people will ever be on this thing at the same time, if even that many. anyhow, I wrote it using J2EE technology, a servlet, using JPA POJOs and interacting with a stateful session bean. Everything works fine finally as far as I can tell. Here ...

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