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1. useBean/getProperty mystery

I have a problem that I find very puzzling. I'm attempting to retrieve an array of objects and then display some member variable values. The relevant code is shown below. The array of job beans are being retrieved successfully, but where I'm attempting to display the values using getProperty I'm only seeing a zero for the numeric variable and blanks for ...

2. jsp:getProperty Bean Problem.

3. Session/Bean / jsp:getProperty problem

Why are using session,getAttribute()...... You have set the bean User into the session I guess from your servlet as is working properly. Then in the scriplet use String user = User.getUname() Make uname as String I didnt understand why its boolean...... Did you also use

5. How to use Usebean Tag and setProperty and getProperty

Hi I am trying to use Usebean tag to retive data from the data base and print in the jsp. to get connection: import java.sql.Statement; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.ResultSet; import com.osi.db.*; public class Details { public SearchForm search(String pid)throws Exception{ SearchForm sf = null; try { Connection connection = DBConnection.getConnection(); System.out.println("Connection to DB"); String query = "select * from product where ...

6. JSP - useBean getProperty question

Theoretically what you've coded should work though the reason for why you would want to is somewhat vague. It would make slightly more sense to want to abstract the name of the instantiated bean rather than the attribute being requested, but you're the one doing it. I will say that it seems to me that you're somewhat mixing metaphors using a ...