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1. usebean id problem

4. Datatype of the id in Entity Bean

5. jsp:useBean id not clear

Hi, I am not clear how id is working. Here is the complete working code. Can you please explain me how id portion from each file is communicating ? MurachPage303.jsp

First Name:">
Last Name: ">
E-mail: ">

6. How to configure the ejb-jar.xml session bean id in the WSAD?

Hello I configured a new EE project in WSAD, but I found different type of session-id for session beans. [Old product, EJB 2.0, jdk 1.4.2, WSAD] 1. This is my configured ejb-jar.xml with the WSAD deployment descriptor: //... SSOEJB Stateless Container //... 2.Same project in the different workspace, which can run perfectly on local PC. ...