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2. Bean importing [JSP / Eclipse]

I'm fairly new to Eclipse/JSP/Beans, but I have to make a project where I use Beans in my JSP file. I have two projects. A)Maven project that includes the JSP file B)EJB ...

3. Bean Importing error

When I am using trying to use a bean in my jsp files I get an error unless I put in the entire class path (in the useBean tag). I have my class in WEB-INF/classes/some/thing/database/ConnectorBean.class Like I said it works fine unless ...

5. how to import bean

7. Bean and Import

8. Import & Usebean

10. jsp:useBean vs page import in JSP

Yes there is a difference. If you use import, then you have to create/use the reference object to use the class methods. And you can't define the scopes like session, page .. etc. Apart from this you will be using scriptlets <% %>. if you are using jsp:useBean , then you can skip the above activities. useBean takes care of it. ...