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hallo friends i have following JSP code for storing fields in database using bean <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*,java.lang.*,beans.InsertBean"%> <%! static int temp; public String keyGenerator() { String key="A"; temp++; key = key + temp; return(key); } %> <%! public String statusCheck(String status) { String b = "ON"; String a; if(b.equals(status)) { a="TRUE"; return a; } else { a="FALSE"; return a; } ...

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Ah. I was wondering about that. I wanted the request to pass 0/1 or n/y and parse it into a boolean. I thought that by passing in a string and returning a boolean I could accomplish this but I guess it violates the rules. Does this mean that you have to pass the word false/true through the request when you use ...

9. implementing serializeble interface in bean    coderanch.com

If you plan on storing these beans in session, it's a good idea to make them serializable. Some containers (Tomcat, that I know of) will serialize all sessions to disk when the app or container is shut down for a re-start. It then reads them back when it starts up. If any object bound to session, directly or indirectly, doesn't implement ...

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Yes, that's the problem with most JSP resources on the web -- they act likes it's still 2002 and use older models of web application structure. Basically the process is simple. The bean is instantiated in the servlet, placed onto request scope as a scoped vairable (using setAttribute), and the JSP is forwarded to. If using the EL on the JSP, ...

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Hi I am rather new to using JSP and I am having trouble writing variables taken from a html form and sending them to a bean..i was wondering if anybody would be able to shed some light on where I am going wrong.. My code for the HTML is <----code----> Upper Body Resistance Training

Weight in ...

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Hi! I have a problem to solv. I'm developing 4 diffrent websites. They will all have diffrent looks..... meny, colors etc diffrent IP but will get data from same database. All data will be shared. Products , price will be the same on all 4 websites but all products must not be available on all 4 websites. The websites will be ...

15. Where to put beans for JSP    coderanch.com

Please do place the pakagae compiled bean classes in the classes folder. I believe Server does not matter what ever we use. Because the context is important for us. Every web context should have the same context. context(all the jsp files and htmls) in this folder WEB-INF/classes(*.class) files. and web.xml along with classes folder. Thanks Jetendra

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Hi Ranchers , When i am using jsp's tag i am getting a value of null for a bean named errorBean when i am using tomcat5 version while using tomcat 4 version does't return null.My errorBean has just a property named error which is set when a user types in a wrong password or username.ialso am also using tag ...

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I have a JSP, shown below, which uses a JavaBean to write to an Access database. My understanding of the jsp:useBean tag is that it is will locate and use a bean if one exists, otherwise it instantiates a new one. Is this right? If it is, why do I get a new instance of my bean whenever I submit the ...

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Hi all... I would like a discussion on where to put what. My web application accesses a mainframe and returns lists of ID's. All IDs in one list will be linked to another servlet so it simply becomes an enumeration of links. On the other list, some IDs will be linked to another servlet and some not. It is application logic ...

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Hi friend, Thankyou for your help. But still I am having problems. As i had specified the .class name of the bean instead of the .jar file also I am not able to use that bean. I am using Java Web Server. So. plz tell me where to put my bean in my server's directory? and tell me what to put, ...

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Bruce, That is what I use mine for. The free dynamic DNS service I use(yi.org) is no longer taking new people at the moment(last i looked anyway) but there are others. I searched for free webhosting or something like that. The only drawback is my phone is always busy. http://javaguy.yi.org I have heard of places like you describe though. I would ...

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Hi everybody, I know that my question is not a new here, but I would really appreciate if you help me. We are using MVC model 2 (servlet/java beans/jsp). All database operations I put inside of servlet, and I know that the max number of rows in a result set can be 500, so we are retrieving the whole result set, ...

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Hello. 1. Problem backgroud: I am trying to implement an interface to the payment gateway system of a bank. 2. Problem statement: I need to implement a timer (Timer 1) and call it through a JSP/Servlet (servlet A) and immediately afterwards I have to call another JSP/Servlet from this JSP/Servlet on the bank's payment gateway server (servlet B). I am doing ...

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Hi, Iam using JRun 3.0 on IIS4.0(sp2), I developed a application using JSP/Bean combination, in JSP, Iam just using useBean to instantiate bean for first time and setting all the properties using '*' and Iam using that bean ID in servlet by just retrieving thru session which already set in JSP. But when I tried to retrieve all the parameter information, ...

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I don't have the code with me now. However, i looked at this example before. I think, setGuess method is called automatically when you have directive. If you use property="*" in your attribute, Tomcat will match the method to the property and invokes it automatically. So the setGuess method is called at the beginning when the page is loaded. When ...

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57. Log in problems using Jsp,Srvlet and Beans    coderanch.com

I'm doing a page with Jsp,Servlet and Bean to allow entering in my site only to registered users. I decided to use session and to give a session to every new registered user logged in my site. To prevent the collision of two people with the same user at the same time I used a field called P in my user ...

59. Sharing bean with Servlet & JSP    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm trying to use a bean to store some info from a servlet & then access the info later from a jsp. It seems however, that the servlet & the jsp are creating their own instances of the bean. // Servlet code LoginBean login = new LoginBean(); login.setUserID(username); ServletContext context = getServletContext(); context.setAttribute("login", login); sURL = response.encodeRedirectURL("http://john/attend/AA.html"); response.sendRedirect(sURL); // NOTE: ...

60. Links to jsp/beans not working in JWS 2.0!    coderanch.com

My jsp files are invoked/displyed without any problem when I open them in the browser using both jswdk-1.0.1 and JWS2.0. In jswdk, everything works perfectly, but when I click on the the links or Submit buttons of the jsp files which are displayed in JWS , I get an error - Error during JSP page processing java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.System: method setProperty(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String Ljava/lang/String; ...

61. using a bean and jsp problem    coderanch.com

I am trying to use a bean in my jsp pages. The bean will use the getServletPath, I think. Below is the bean to get the url. If it is a -e.jsp or a -e.html if you click the link, it should switch it to the exact page in the opposite language -f.jsp or -f.html on my jsp page I have: ...

62. beans and jsp and not sure    coderanch.com

I need to modify the below to be dynamic. I want to use <%= request.getServletPath() %> to get the url and then replace it with the opposite extension Like intro-e.jsp - click a link and get intro-f.jsp below is the jsp page. <%@ page import="java.util.*" %>

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Hello Jimi Well if you are using JSP as your view page from where you will take the input from the user .. dont let the JSP access the bean directly ..i mean set the bean properties. a much more preffered architecture is the MVC architecture where in you get all the values entered in a servlet, let the servlet instantiate ...

65. getting rid of nulls jsp/beans    coderanch.com

Hi i'm trying to get rid of nulls passed in from a dataBase. I try a few variations of this but i always get an error. I usually get method getRemovenull not found in class. Can anyone help me out with this i'm new and not even really sure if I'm going about this the right way......thanks My jsp looks something ...

67. send bean from servlet to jsp    coderanch.com

I have a jsp page that has an html from that does a post to a servlet. The servlet then takes the data and puts it into a bean and then send it to another jsp page. I was using the following code: Servlet: getServletContext().setAttribute("logonBean", logonBean); response.setIntHeader("Refresh", 0); response.sendRedirect(pageName); JSP: This was working but I read ...

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ok. i found this Controller - extends HttpServlet, acts as the point of entry into the application, and delegates to various worker classes to fulfill a request. In particular, the Controller is a user of Model and View objects Model - data-centric classes encapsulating problem domain objects. Each class corresponds roughly to the rows of a database table. Model objects can ...

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78. Getting JSP bean from Servlet    coderanch.com

This doesn't quite solve your problem, but it might help you find out what IS in your request. This little chunk of code is priceless: PrintWriter our = response.getWriter(); /*XXX could be attribute or Property */ java.util.Enumeration enum = request.getXXXNames(); while (enum.hasMoreElements()){ String name = enum.nextElement().toString(); String value = request.getProperty(name); out.print("
"); out.print(name + ": " + value); } If you use ...

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80. Using beans with my jsp    coderanch.com

I have tottally changed my approach for this jsp/servlet project, and i am now using beans and the MVC architecture. SO i am trying to login a user when they enter their username and password, and click login. My main class, which acts as my controller, is like so import myWork.*; import java.io.*; import java.text.*; import java.util.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; ...

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83. Mean Bean and javascript code not running    coderanch.com

Hello, I made a simple bean that gets some xml data that is used to update a listbox (ajax helps). The problem I am having is that I use jstl that detects a POST has occured. It is supposed to run the bean (xml.setDSList(server,port) and then run the ajax to refresh the listbox. I put an alert before the bean call, ...

84. Bean Managed Vs Container managed    coderanch.com

Hi Reza, Thanks for your reply. I had another question about following, Stateless Session Beans Like a stateful session bean, a stateless session bean performs a task for a particular client. Unlike a stateful session bean, stateless session beans do not maintain client state. A stateless session bean may maintain state only for the duration of a method invocation. When the ...

86. beans and javascript    coderanch.com

Sorry to confuse you. What I am trying to do is.. If the state field in the mailing address is Minnesota, I need to display all the counties in MN as a drop down list. If some other state , I need to display just 'out of state' in the list. So I need to modify the size of the collection ...

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Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Simon, Having a verb ("Place") in an entity bean name is odd. What do they have in the bean as attributes? I give another example from the book (note the book is very good and I like it, I am asking this just to get a better feel of how to use beans). The class is as follows: @Stateful(name="BidderAccountCreator") ...

92. problemwith MessageDriven Bean    coderanch.com

hi gurus, i have a problem with MDB. my scenario is i need two JMS Queues and two listners for the queues. for that i have created two connection factories and two destination resources in glasshfish admin console. Connection Factories:1.jms/testfact1 2.jms/testfact2 Destination Resources 1.jms/testdest1 2.jms/testdest2 MDB 1: @MessageDriven(mappedName = "jms/testdest1", activationConfig = { @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "acknowledgeMode", propertyValue = "Auto-acknowledge"), @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = ...

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package jms.mdbbean; import javax.jms.*; import javax.naming.*; public class Sender { public static void main(String[] args) { QueueConnection queueConnection = null; try { Context context = new InitialContext(); QueueConnectionFactory queueConnectionFactory = (QueueConnectionFactory) context.lookup("QueueConnectionFactory"); String queueName = "MyQueue"; Queue queue = (Queue) context.lookup(queueName); queueConnection = queueConnectionFactory.createQueueConnection(); QueueSession queueSession = queueConnection.createQueueSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE); QueueSender queueSender = queueSession.createSender(queue); TextMessage message = queueSession.createTextMessage(); message.setText("JavaRanch Big Moose ...

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