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1. ADF: Calling a method through a managed beans in JSP

I am running into issues with passing parameters to managed beans in JSP within Oracle ADF. Here is an example JSP test page I am trying to pass parameters to a ...

2. [S2] Jsp not loading bean from superclass static method

Hello: I jut upgraded from Struts 2.0.14 to 2.1.8 and noticed I am now getting this error: SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception The requested list key 'accountManagerMap' could not be resolved as a collection/array/map/enumeration/iterator type. Example: people or people.{name} I have this in my JSP code:

3. How invoke a bean method in a loop?

Hi all, I need your help again. I am developing a survey application in which i have a form of 20 to 25 questions. The questions are retrieve from the database dynamically based on certain conditions. A loop is used to display all the questions. I am using a JavaBean to hold the answer. The bean has 25 properties named part1_q1 ...

5. Method Not found in JSP usning a Bean and Tomcat

Howdy Folks, I am using a Bean and calling a method in a JSP. Tomcat says method not found when its in the bean and its public. Is this a bug with tomcat. Its driving me crazy. It works on one instance of Tomcat but not on another. Any Ideas? Thank you Honey

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7. calling bean method in servlet

8. Calling Servlet method from Bean

9. bean methods are not working properly

12. What is the scope of the transaction if method is bean managed and container managed?

As far as I know: BMT - you can explicitely say what are the boundaries of the transaction because you start and commit the transaction by yourself (as a bean provider), CMT - one method = one transaction. I think (anyone please correct me if I'm wrong) that you also can span your transaction across multiple method callas if you use ...

14. Calling a jsp:useBean method in Javascript