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1. How do I expose bean in JSP?

How can I expose a Java bean to a JSP page by using struts? I know how to configure a StrutsAction to include a form-bean, but I wonder if there are ...

2. Place the business logic in Java Beans?

I was reading this page and I found the following statement:

MVC in Java Server Pages Now that we have a convenient architucture ...

3. Eclipse Struts Error on line with bean:write

Error Report after submitting input.jsp is passed through when bean:write is called in success.jsp

HTTP Status 500 - 


type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented ...

4. MVC, JSP/Servlet/Bean Design Issue

Hi, I'm fairly new to Java and servlets, etc., but I need to clarify a design issue using the MVC model with JSP, Servlets and Beans. The Objective ============= I'm writing a user authentication system that allows a user to use a website without registering. Once registered (as one of 3 types of users), they are allowed more privileged access to ...

6. help needed mvc using servlets, jsp and java beans

I have built a web application using servlets,jsp and static html pages. Now I want to implement mvc. I've heard that : 1)The first page that's displayed is index.jsp 2)All user requests are handled by a controller servlet. (If true then does index.jsp pass this info to the controller servlet? If all the pages pass their request to the servlet controller ...