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1. how to pass java beans to jsp page for jqQrid to display using json?

we are trying to use jqGrid with our jsp front end and java back end. this page is displaying a grid of contacts :

    datatype: 'json',

2. Java:how to pass value from class/bean to servlet

i am new to java, i'm having problem passing value from a class/bean (which are stored in arraylist) to servlet. any idea how can i achieve that? below is my code.

package ...

3. problem with passing bean data from servlet to jsp

I have 2 jsp pages, one called as MyPage.jsp and other as View.jsp. View.jsp has a tree structure. MyPage.jsp has some text fields called as number and design which need to ...

4. Passing multiple listbox to bean using JSP

Greetings All, What I'm trying to accomplish is this. I want to have a listbox(listA) pass it's selected (multiple) values to a bean which in turn will create a dynamic list for the second listbox(listB). My setProperty pulls in the the values which is defined as a String array. The getProperty I have defined takes the array and concatenates the values ...

5. passing a session object to a bean problem

hey everyone I have a set a jsp pages and beans that need to interact with an xml Document object. I have a controller servlet that parses the xml file and saves the document object to the session. Then my jsp pages get the Document object fromt he session and pass it to the appropriate beans to work with. The problem ...

6. Passing different values to Bean from JSP

If you use a property "name" in the jsp, you should have a method "setName" that only takes one argument, the name to set. If you want the address, you should have a property called address and use a method called "setAddress" with only one argument as well. It should be the address to set. That's it. The jsp can glean ...

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10. Passing a bean in a custom tag

11. passing beans..

Hello All, I was hoping somebody can shine a light on the problem I'm having trouble with. If I have a JSP page which uses a bean ("DBBean"). DBBean is a 'page scope' bean and is used to connect to a DBCP Now I want to refer to a second bean in which is code to return certain data... My question ...

12. passing beans between jsps

13. how to pass value to a bean file

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15. passing a bean object to a servlet

16. MVC2.0 how to pass bean object to jsp

17. pass object to bean using use bean

21. passing objects from beans to jsp

23. Passing Bean from JSP to Servlet

24. pass value into bean from servlet

Do you mean: who do I access the web server layer from a web page directly, without a GET/POST? It is tempting to think that you can access a bean in a JSP directly, i.e. without a POST or GET, because all the code is in one JSP; but the JSP lives on the servlet, and the HTML is produces is ...

25. Problem in passing values from servlet to beans

You need to pass them as parameters to the bean remote methods. A lot of this depends on how you are designing your servlets and beans. You could make it so that you have setter and getter methods in your bean or you can do it as one method that loads whatever values you want the bean to have. The first ...

26. passing bean/class to linked page

Thanks for moving this to the proper forum. I have an array of my class MyClass[] myClass that is loaded from a database. When the link is clicked, I want the appropriate element in the array to be set: class = myClass[i];, so that the appropriate class is available to the linked page. The linked page will be in the same ...

27. pass bean data to javascript function

You seem to have some misconceptions about the relationship between JSP (server-side) and JavaScript (client side). JavaScript does not have access to Java objects (barring solutions like DWR). It just doesn't work like that: everything in the JSP is rendered before the page is even sent to the client: the only thing that's sent to the client is the rendered HTML. ...

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