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1. Retrieve an hashtable entry within a jsp using struts tag and a bean as the key

Hi! I need a little help. I'm writing a jsp using struts tags and in my ActionForm class I put an Hashtable containing keys and values (both are pojos). I can get my hashtable in this way: The key is also a bean, obtained through a (working) logic:iterate: How can I retrieve a ...

2. How to retrieve multiple rows from a ResultSet, when using JSP and Beans-Very Urgent

Ryo Thank you fo rthe reply.Here exactly what i want to do. This is my Java Bean package com.archana.is_project.bookstore.user.beans; /* Standard java imports. */ import java.lang.*; import java.sql.*; /* Servlet imports.*/ import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; /* Database Connection class import */ import com.archana.is_project.bookstore.user.beans.DatabaseConnection; public class BookDetails { String author_firstname; String author_lastname; String title; String criteria; ResultSet rs = null; Connection con ...

8. Cant retrieve data from use bean

i used use bean to set the parameters in below code: i have retrieve parameters value from users input buy get bean code as below:

  • Your Register Name:
  • Your Email Address:
  • Your Home Address:
  • 9. Using EL to retrieve bean values

    Using EL to retrieve bean values I don't find it simple. I don't know whether the required EL syntax is obscure or whether EL does not support the syntax I require. Surely every servlet/JSP programmer must routinely code office intranet applications like the following , (if this is not the case , please let me know) yet the only examples in ...

    10. cannot retrieve stateless bean using JNDI

    I have a feeling that bean annotation @LocalBean is a variation of a Local view (local interface). But here a remote lookup is performed (client is outside a container). Maybe this is the cause of contradiction. I have no experience with EJB 3.1, so I'm not sure ... is it possible to add a Remote interface for NewSessionBean1?

    11. retrieving bean values in servlets

    As I say in my AA meetings, I have a problem. I'm fairly new to beans and I dont know if I can do this or it is possible. In my servlet I have created and populated a string array with some values. I have then passed them (I think) to a bean to hold these values for later. My problem ...