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1. Worker Beans and Serializable

I think it is common practice to implement JavaBeans (eg worker beans etc) with the serializable interface. Some books etc sometimes give examples that don't. Also the same applies to providing a no args constructor. When just using JavaBeans in say a MVC design pattern what is the common or correct practice. What is the advantage and what is the correct ...

2. JSP reload serialized bean

3. call serialized bean from jsp

4. Why Bean class is inherited from Serializable interface?

Serialization is the process of converting an object into a sequence of bits (binary). it can be persisted on a storage medium or transmitted across a network. Bean classes mainly used as a reusable components and can be transfer across a network, Thats why Bean class is inherited from Serializable interface. In the trasmitted network JVM reread the sequence of bits ...

5. Can't use Serialized Beans properly