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1. JSP - Netbeans cannot use session bean

Solved: if you run in trouble like me doublecheck your constructor definition! mine was for some ninja-releated reason private. Hi everyone, i'm new to NetBeans-JSP programming (i'm quite confident with PHP) hi have this instruction ...

2. How do I get jsp session beans to communicate with each other?

I have written a jsp, that links to a bean (instantiated as a session bean). The bean contains information on the user accessing the page and needs to interact with other ...

3. href loses session bean

Hello I have a bean that is declared in the following way In the same page i save data to the bean. In the same jsp page i also have a href. When i click on it i go to another jsp page but i loose the data that i saved in the bean. Whats the problem??? ...

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5. Bean for Business Logic and Session

6. session jsp:useBean

7. Catch Session Timeout with Bean

9. Jsp Session Bean

I created a online form using jsp which is taking information from user in 4 different pages for that i created a bean with session scope.Problem is that when i open two browsers simontaniously and try to fill the forms simontaniously in both browsers the data of first form automatically become available in second form which i don't want. Help me ...

10. lose alredy created session bean

11. First Session Bean failing in JBOSS

Thanks for your reply. I'm sure this lookup issue is a minor (common newbie) issue. Currently, I'm "deploying" this Session Bean as class files using MyEclipse's debug "hot" deployment. No EAR file. I'm not sure if hot deployment (class files and no EAR) is "allowed" with JBOSS. Must I deploy an EJB jar file or can I deploy regular class files? ...

12. usefulness of session beans

Stateful session beans are useful if your application has state, but you have non-web clients. For example, if you have permissions set when you log in to an app and cahced with your principal and you need those permissions to be the same if you log in again through another app. Make sense?

13. Session bean with web service endpoint

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15. JSP, Beans and Session

17. Business Delegate and Session beans

18. using session Beans with persistence Layer

If a request comes into a Session Bean, there's coordination that needs to be done. What if you're hitting three database tables? What if a log table is in a separate database? What if it all needs to be done in one transaction? What if it needs to be done in three separate transactions? What happens when the second table write ...

20. Session bean and confirmation from the client

Hi, Im starting with EJB3 and Im doing a little application to help me learn. The application is an EDMS (electronic Document Management System). For the sake of simplicity I have decide to put all documents in a directory called a repository. For this I have to create a repository with a session bean called RepositeryAgentBean. Im just working right now ...

24. Some information on session beans

26. Can't run first Session Bean : NameNotFoundException

public class HelloUserClient { public static void main(String[] args) { Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.put(InitialContext.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY,"org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory" ); properties.put("java.naming.factory.url.pkgs","=org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces"); properties.put(InitialContext.PROVIDER_URL,"jnp://"); //System.out.println(""+HelloUserBean.class.getSimpleName()); Context context; try { context = new InitialContext(); HelloUserBeanRemote beanRemote = (HelloUserBeanRemote) context.lookup("HelloUserBean/remote"); beanRemote.hello(); } catch (NamingException e) { e.printStackTrace(); /* I rethrow it as runtimeexception as there is really no need to continue if an * exception happens and I ...

29. How is EntityManager thread-safe in Session Beans?

It is true that only a single thread runs through a session bean. But isn't the entityManager injected into all session beans the same instance bound into JNDI? If this is true, aren't multiple threads, one for each session bean, running through the one instance of entityManager? I must be missing something! I'd appreciate somebody setting me up straight on this. ...

30. Issue looking up session bean in UDP

32. Managed Beans and Session Beans

33. Problem in running session beans

Hello Friends !! I am facing a verry strange problem, it goes like this..... I have created this bean... package pack; import javax.ejb.Stateful; import java.sql.*; /** * * @author RITU */ @Stateful public class login implements loginRemote, loginLocal { public boolean logMe(String id, String pwd ){ boolean flag=false; try{ Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:hotel"); PreparedStatement ps=con.prepareStatement("Select * from LoginDetails where logname='"+id+"' and logpwd='"+pwd+"'"); ...

34. using only session beans

35. Problem in understanding session beans

Hi Friends, I am a novice in ejb and I am finding it very hard to understand stateful and stateless session beans. As we all know stateful session beans are used when we want to maintain a state. Here as per my understanding is maintaining a session by the container. Such as what all activities are being done in a particular ...

36. Session Bean

Hello, HTTPSession represents the user session accessing your application. Stateful session bean maintains the state of the client in between different service/method invocation on that bean. Generally you put the handle of the Stateful session bean in the HttpSession. This handle can be retrieved from the HttpSession.getAttribute() and then SFSB method can be invoked on the same. Stateless Session beans - ...

37. The Session bean cannot be deployed