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1. Using jsp:setProperty to set one bean in other bean

I would like to know how to use jsp:setProperty in the following scenario. Here is a simple example of two java classes.

public class MyExample {
  private MyName myNameExample = ...

2. how to Use jsp:setProperty to set one bean in other bean while one bean is of type java.util.List

I have 3 Java POJOs as follows Class

public class Book {
    private String isbn;
    private String bookName;
    private Publisher publisher;

3. jsp:setProperty versus bean set method

Hi All, Assume I have a bean called Dog, with an attribute called age. When assigning a value to age, what are the differences between using: 1.) and 2.) Dog.setName("12"); I realize when using (2), you have to include the bean in the jsp page, but are there any other differences? Thanks, WS

4. Bean SetProperty

5. jsp:useBean and jsp:setProperty question

The "code" between of the and tags only gets evaluated if there is no bean of the specified class in the specified scope. This may not be the best analogy, but I tend to think of it as sort of a constructor for the bean if it isn't there. I suspect that in your case the bean is there, ...

8. setProperty tag in jsp:useBean